v_GS_AntimalwareHealthStatus view reports incorrect Endpoint Definition status in Configuration Manager 2012

Applies to: Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration ManagerSystem Center 2012 Endpoint ProtectionSystem Center 2012 R2 Endpoint Protection More


The Endpoint Protection view v_GS_AntimalwareHealthStatus reports an incorrect Endpoint Definition status based on the AntivirusSignatureUpdateDateTime value in versions of Configuration Manager that are older than version 1511.


This is a known bug that's fixed in version 1511 (and later versions) of Configuration Manager. This bug prevents some of the information typically found in state messages for Endpoint Protection from being displayed in this view.


To work around this issue, run the following query as an alternative way to gather the information:
declare @USERSIDS as varchar(64)='Disabled'
select distinct b.Name, (a.SignatureUpTo1DayOld) AS SignatureUpTo1DayOld
, (a.SignatureUpTo3DaysOld) AS SignatureUpTo3DaysOld
, (a.SignatureUpTo7DaysOld) AS SignatureUpTo7DaysOld
, (a.SignatureOlderThan7Days) AS SignatureOlderThan7Days
, (a.NoSignature) AS NoSignature
, a.EpInstalled
from fn_rbac_EndpointProtectionStatus(@UserSIDs) AS a
inner join fn_rbac_FullCollectionMembership_valid(@UserSIDs) AS b on b.ResourceID = a.ResourceID
where b.CollectionID='SMS00001'
and a.EpInstalled = 1
and b.ResourceType <> 2