Update that includes June 2016, September 2016, and October 2016 cumulative time zone updates is available for Windows Embedded CE 6.0


This article describes an update that includes the June 2016, September 2016, and October 2016 cumulative time zone updates for Windows Embedded CE 6.0. Before you install this update, all previously issued updates for this product must be installed.


This update changes the time zone data to accommodate the daylight saving time (DST) changes in several countries in Windows Embedded CE 6.0.

The changes in this October 2016 cumulative update include the following.

Time zone and DST changes


Venezuela advanced its clocks by 30 minutes on May 1, 2016. This change sets Venezuela’s standard time zone offset from "(UTC-04:30) Caracas" to "(UTC-04:00) Caracas."

Time zone key nameDisplay nameOld time zone offsetNew time zone offset
Venezuela Standard Time(UTC-04:00) CaracasUTC-04:30UTC-04:00


Egypt has announced that it will observe DST this year starting on Friday, July 8, 2016 at midnight and ending on Friday, October 28, 2016, at midnight.

Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Egypt Standard Time(UTC+02:00) CairoJuly 8, 2016, 00:00October 28, 2016, 00:00


Russia has moved the Magadan Oblast region from UTC+10:00 to UTC+11:00 on April 24. This update changes the Magadan time zone display to "(UTC+11:00) Magadan."

Time zone key nameDisplay nameOld time zone offsetNew time zone offset
Magadan Standard Time(UTC+11:00) MagadanUTC+10:00UTC+11:00
Russia moved the Tomsk Oblast region from UTC+06:00 to UTC+07:00 on May 29. This update introduces a Windows time zone for the Tomsk region. After the update is installed, we recommend that users in the new time zone switch to "(UTC+07:00) Tomsk" because this time zone will correctly account for historical time data for this region.

Time zone key nameDisplay nameOld time zone offsetNew time zone offset
Tomsk Standard Time(UTC+07:00) TomskUTC+06:00UTC+07:00

Russia recently announced that the Novosibirsk region will be moving from UTC +06:00 to UTC +07:00 on July 24 at 02:00. Also, the Omsk time zone has been created for the UTC +06:00 offset.

Time zone key nameNew display name
N. Central Asia Standard Time(UTC+07:00) Novosibirsk
Omsk Standard Time(UTC+06:00) Omsk

Note Neither time zone observes daylight saving time.


The DST period for Morocco resumes after the Muslim month of Ramadan (02:00 on Sunday, July 10, 2016, to 03:00 on Sunday, October 30, 2016, in the Gregorian calendar).

Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Morocco Standard Time(UTC+00:00) CasablancaJuly 10, 2016, 02:00October 30, 2016, 03:00

Additional DST changes

For the following time zones, DST dates are modified according to the desktop registry.

Note These DST changes are not part of any desktop article.


Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Greenland Standard Time(UTC-03:00) GreenlandMarch 26, 2016, 22:00:00October 29, 2016, 23:00:00


Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Iran Standard Time(UTC+03:30) TehranMarch 21, 2016, 00:00:00September 20, 2016, 23:59:59


Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Middle East Standard Time(UTC+02:00) BeirutMarch 26, 2016, 23:59:59October 29, 2016, 23:59:59


Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Montevideo Standard Time(UTC-03:00) MontevideoNo DSTNo DST

Pacific Standard Time (Mexico)

Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Pacific Standard Time (Mexico)(UTC-08:00) Baja CaliforniaNovember 6, 2016, 02:00:00March 13, 2016, 02:00:00


Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Paraguay Standard Time(UTC-04:00) AsuncionOctober 1, 2016, 23:59:59March 26, 2016, 23:59:59


Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Samoa Standard Time(UTC+13:00) SamoaSeptember 25, 2016, 03:00:00April 3, 2016, 04:00:00


Time zone key nameDisplay nameDST startDST end
Syria Standard Time(UTC+02:00) DamascusMarch 25, 2016, 00:00:00October 27, 2016, 23:59:59

New time zones

The following time zones have been added, either because they are currently unrepresented or because they have a unique history of changes in recent years.

LocationID/KeyDisplay name
Aleutian Islands, AlaskaAleutian Standard Time(UTC-10:00) Aleutian Islands
Marquesas IslandsMarquesas Standard Time(UTC-09:30) Marquesas Islands
Gambier IslandsUTC-09(UTC-09:00) Coordinated Universal Time-09
Pitcairn Islands; Tungsten, Canada; Clarion Island, Mexico; Clipperton IslandUTC-08(UTC-08:00) Coordinated Universal Time-08
CubaCuba Standard Time(UTC-05:00) Havana
Turks & Caicos IslandsTurks And Caicos Standard Time(UTC-04:00) Turks and Caicos
St. Pierre and MiquelonSaint Pierre Standard Time(UTC-03:00) Saint Pierre and Miquelon
Tocantins, BrazilTocantins Standard Time(UTC-03:00) Araguaina
West Bank and GazaWest Bank Standard Time(UTC+02:00) Gaza, Hebron
Hovd, MongoliaW. Mongolia Standard Time(UTC+07:00) Hovd
Tomsk, RussiaTomsk Standard Time(UTC+07:00) Tomsk
Eucla, AustraliaAustralia Central W. Standard Time(UTC+08:45) Eucla
Lord Howe Island, AustraliaLord Howe Standard Time(UTC+10:30) Lord Howe Island
Bougainville IslandBougainville Standard Time(UTC+11:00) Bougainville Island
Norfolk IslandNorfolk Standard Time(UTC+11:00) Norfolk Island
Chatham Islands, New ZealandChatham Island Standard Time(UTC+12:45) Chatham Islands

Display name changes

These changes improve the usability of the existing time zone entries.

LocationID/KeyOld display nameNew display name
MoroccoMorocco Standard Time(UTC) Casablanca(UTC+00:00) Casablanca
United KingdomGMT Standard Time(UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London(UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
IcelandGreenwich Standard Time(UTC) Monrovia, Reykjavik(UTC+00:00) Monrovia, Reykjavik
MoldovaE. Europe Standard Time(UTC+02:00) E. Europe(UTC+02:00) Chisinau

Note Because of differences in daylight saving time rules, the "(UTC+02:00) Chisinau" entry should be used only in Moldova. In other locations that use Eastern European Time, the time zone should be set to one of the following values, as appropriate:

  • (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest
  • (UTC+02:00) Beirut
  • (UTC+02:00) Cairo
  • (UTC+02:00) Damascus
  • (UTC+02:00) Helsinki, Kyiv, Riga, Sofia, Tallinn, Vilnius
  • (UTC+02:00) Istanbul
  • (UTC+02:00) Tripoli

Other data corrections

In addition to the recently added and revised information, we have improved the historical data accuracy of 25 existing time zone entries.


Software update information

A supported software update is now available from Microsoft as Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update October 2016. In the "File information" section, the package file name contains the product version, the date, the Knowledge Base article number, and the processor type. The package file name format is as follows:
Product version-yymmdd-kbnnnnnn-processor type
For example, Wincepb60-110128-kb2492159-armv4i.msi is the ARMV4i Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Platform Builder fix that is documented in Knowledge Base article 2492159 and that is contained in the January 2011 monthly update.

How to obtain this update

To resolve this problem immediately, download this Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Monthly Update from the following Microsoft website.

Microsoft Download Center


This update is supported only if all previously issued updates for this product have also been installed.

Restart requirement

After you apply this update, you must perform a clean build of the whole platform. To do this, use one of the following methods:

  • On the Build menu, click Clean Solution, and then click Build Solution.
  • On the Build menu, click Rebuild Solution.
You do not have to restart the computer after you apply this software update.

Update replacement information

This update does not replace any other updates.


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