Service Update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 8.1.0


Service update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 8.1.0 is now available. This article describes the hotfixes and updates that are included in Service update 2.

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Service update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

To determine whether your organization had this update applied, check your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online version number. Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner, and then click About.

Service update 2 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 8.1.0

Service update 2 resolves the following issues:
  • Resolved an issue with Mobile Offline profiles failing to import.
  • When using the Interactive Service Hub in the Microsoft Edge browser, the Navigation Menu is not completely displayed.
  • An error occurs in a Resource Group Associated View of a user entity when the user does not belong to a Resource Group.
  • CSR Managers are not able to see the Interactive Service Hub link under Settings in Site Map.
  • Multi Party List Lookup shows a duplicate Field in read-only mode.
  • CRM App for Outlook does not load correctly for organizations in Canada.
  • Default Security Role doesn't take effect immediately for a new user.
  • A script error occurs when navigating between two different forms in Chrome using the new Form Rendering Engine.
  • The Save, Edit, and Cancel icons are not displayed in Account Quick Create form in Mobile Devices while using the CRM app for Outlook.
  • An error occurs in a Quote record when selecting "Add New Quote Product" using the CRM for Mobile App.
  • In the Checking for Changes stage a timeout error occurs while attempting to Go Offline using CRM for Outlook.
  • The query parameter "requiredFields" is not encoded in /src/Core/Client/wwwroot/_controls/EditFilterControl/SyncFilterPage.aspx.
  • Emails sent from Outlook, or Gmail in response to CRM emails to internal users not getting tracked while using Server Side Synchronization.
  • Synchronization does not occur after updating the Regarding Object of auto tracked email in Outlook while using Server Side Synchronization.
  • The Delete, Mark Complete, Cancel, and More buttons are available when no records are selected in Activities grid.
  • After enabling Smart Actions, no Action Cards are visible under the Action Hub in the Dashboard, and Form.
  • Web Resources do not appear correctly in Dashboards while using the CRM for Mobile app on an iOS device.
  • Storage Calculation failed after a preview instance was upgraded to CRM 2016 Update 1.
  • WebAPI Fetch XML doesn't return Formatted Values for lookup attributes from linked entities.
  • Lookup bar in Add Existing Activity is hidden behind the keyboard, or search result using the CRM for Mobile app on an Android tablet.
  • While creating a new Case from the Quick Create, the subject lookup Field is not expanding on pressing Enter key.
  • A Duplicate Record error occurs when creating minor articles in bulk.
  • A script error occurs after deactivating an Account in the Account View, and accessing the Command Bar in the View.
  • Unable to open the hyperlinks in reading pane of a Knowledge Base Article while using the CRM for Mobile app on Android and Windows devices.
  • Tile region remains in a faded state after unpinning the pinned tiles while using the CRM for Mobile app.
  • User is unable to open Case records that they own if Hierarchal Security is enabled.
  • Multi party lookup does not show last typed search string in read mode using Interactive Service Hub with Lookup Auto Resolve.
  • Tabbing out of multi-party lookup fires auto resolve only when there are no selected records using Interactive Service Hub with Lookup Auto Resolve.
  • Using Internet Explorer, focus is not moving to fields inside Business Process Flow stages by selecting Tab while using the Interactive Service Hub.
  • An Appointment record created in the Web Client appears as locked when navigating to the Appointment in the CRM for Mobile app.
  • An error occurs when attempting to install sample data using the languages of Finnish (1035), Hungarian (1038), or Norwegian (1044).
  • Random Space appears at the bottom of several forms below the scrollbar.
  • Icons are missing for Invoice Products under the custom entities associated View.
  • Unable to delete a Marketing List from a Marketing List Sub Grid, and an Associated Grid in a Campaign.
  • Hidden section shows up in Interactive Service Hub Form.
  • Slow Performance when opening Customize the System and other associated view.
  • Service Calendar is not updated when you update an Appointment.
  • CRM becomes inaccessible while trying to create a currency type field on an entity after another currency type field has been created and deleted on the same entity.
  • Importing CRM 2013 org DB to CRM 2015 fails.
  • Package Deployer fails to import solutions where pen control has been added to entities.
  • Service Hub error when trying to publish more than 1 Knowledge article at the same time - AF Plugin issue.
  • Updated DST for Azerbaijan, Chile, Haiti, and Morocco and time zone changes for Russia.
  • Users with a hybrid email profile aren't blocked from attempting to deploy the CRM App for Outlook.
  • When importing a first party solution, the custom entities for that solution are counted against the custom entity limit so the import fails.
  • When using the mobile app on an Android 5 tablet, the search result does not refresh based on filter selection after a failed add to an existing activity and the text box for lookup bar is cleared.
  • A retrieve multiple plugin can fail when run during a large Duplicate Detection Job.
  • Untracking an email in Outlook does not remove the CRM icon when using Server-Side Synchronization.
  • After changing user Time Zone and restarting the app, the value of "Default Start time" in the Activity Quick Create form is not properly calculated.
  • If a transient error occurs during processing of outgoing email, the error causes an unhandled exception and affects processing of the mailbox.
  • Altered sandbox Execution events to always say "sandbox client" instead of "sandboxclient".
  • A Field (Pricing) in the Products entity is uneditable for the Mobile and Web Client.

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