The Online Services Usage Incentives payment that I received is inaccurate


This article explains on how incentives in Online Services Usage are calculated and details out restrictions on partner being ineligible to receive incentives.

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Please remember about the following eligibility requirements and rules that apply in the calculation of incentives.

· MPN ID, MOSPA and CSA Enrollment (for CRM Online only) should be active. Check if your MPN account is enrolled on the corresponding competencies for each services. Eligible partner organizations must also achieve and maintain MPN Gold or Silver level competency in one of the following competencies:        

1. Cloud Productivity (all products)

2. Devices and Deployment (Intune and AADP only)

· Eligible revenue is determined by the Product Plan value listed on the Online Services Usage Rate Card in MPN at If a Product Plan is not listed then it is not eligible for incentives.        

· Calculation of Usage incentive is as follows:

Usage Fee = $ (Rate Card for that workload for that SKU) x # (active users) x 10% (usage lever rate)

**Please note that 10% Usage Lever Rate is effective in FY16 and can be subject for change in the next fiscal years. **

· The incentive percentage rates are constant in a given Fiscal Year and do not change or increase regardless of how many seats a partner has sold to their customers.        

· Effective January 1, 2016, all partners must be attached to subscriptions/agreements via Digital Partner of Record (DPOR). Partners attached to subscriptions/agreements via the manual Online Services Advisor (OSA) form will no longer be eligible to earn incentives after January 1, 2016, and only the DPOR on the subscription will be eligible for incentives.        

· Make sure that your organization is attached through DPOR process by your customer on each of their subscriptions.

· Ensure that you have an acceptable number of active users in order to receive Usage incentives monthly. Active entitlement is the unique count of users, by workload, that have taken an intentional action within that workload in the past 28 days and this period is rolling. If there is no qualified and active entitlement in a month, no Usage incentives will be calculated.        

· Certain government entities do not qualify for Online incentives. Partners may not earn Microsoft Online Services Advisor Sell Incentives for subscriptions involving Public Sector customers if the customer resides in one of the restricted countries listed in the Public Sector Country Ineligibility List, located on MPN at        

· You might receive separate fee statements depending on the active MPN ID that is earning in your organization. Each partner ID is treated as an individual location, in order to support organizations selling Online licenses from multiple offices.        

· Please be advised that fee statements can also be checked online through a portal—which is known as Partner Incentives Reporting Analytics (PIRA). There are two reports uploaded on this site for Online Services Usage (OSU) program, namely, Program Detail Report and DPOR Transition Report.        

·  In order to view data in Partner Incentives Reporting Analytics (PIRA) -, a user must have the Primary Partner Contact user role and be assigned rights as a Global Administrator. A Global Admin will be able to see all data in the site and a Local Admin will only be able to see data applicable to the location they are assigned rights to. If you want access to this Incentives Detail Reports site, please ensure your role is set as PPC in your MPN Membership; otherwise you will need to request the actual reports from your Global Admin PPC. If you have further questions regarding this site, please be guided that there are FAQ documents published by Microsoft for externals users/Partners in the homepage of PIRA.

· Please note that a Program Detail Report is only uploaded in PIRA once your account reached the minimum threshold of 200USD.

· Partners can earn up to an incentive maximum cap, limited to $100,000 USD (or the equivalent in local currency) per service (for example: Office 365 and Microsoft Intune are two distinct services) within an EA (Enterprise Agreement) or CASA/EES (Campus and School Agreement) per partner from October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016. This maximum cap resets on October 1, 2016 and will be effective for another 12 months pending future incentive business policy.

· Transactions will not be paid in the instances where a customer is also a registered Microsoft partner--- this specifically pertains to a Partner being a Delegated Admin in the Office Customer Portal.        

· Partners paying on behalf of customers will not earn Online Services Usage incentives.

If you are seeing a “0%” percentage or “X” in your account’s fee statement/program detail report that is uploaded in PIRA (, it may be one of the above-mentioned reasons.

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