Cumulative Update 11 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 (Build 46773)

Applies to: Dynamics NAV 2016

This article applies to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 for all countries and all language locales.


This cumulative update includes all hotfixes and regulatory features that have been released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, including hotfixes and regulatory features that were released in previous cumulative updates.

This cumulative update replaces previously released cumulative updates. You should always install the latest cumulative update.

It may be necessary to update your license after implementing this hotfix to gain access to new objects included in this or a previous cumulative update (this only applies to customer licenses).

For a list of cumulative updates released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, see released cumulative updates for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 . Cumulative updates are intended for new and existing customers who are running Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.


We recommend that you contact your Microsoft Dynamics Partner before you install hotfixes or updates. It is important to verify that your environment is compatible with the hotfixes or updates being installed. A hotfix or update may cause interoperability issues with customizations and third-party products that work with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution.

Problems that are resolved in this cumulative update

The following problems are resolved in this cumulative update:

Platform hotfixes

379740Code/Text type fields allow you to add any non-printable character.
379891The OnBeforeActionEvent event function is no longer triggered.
380039DateTime creation is incorrect.
380085Changing the visibility of a subpage reverts to default.
380224Merge moves report elements outside of their indentation.
380270The OnValidate trigger behaves differently in different clients.
380335Bad performance on lookup (find as you type).
380394NAV APP in Android, iOS device fails to connect to a multi-tenant NAV environment.
380411CloudManager deployment fails due to wrong server settings.
380430Dimensions property value of 9999 will crash debugger when you select the Variables button on the ribbon.
380435C\AL statement STRSUBSTNO does not work correctly.
380468NST does not handle transient SQL errors properly.
380470Multi-tenant environment causes the SQL server to hang due to many connections waiting for ASYNC_NETWORK_IO.
380504Documentation states that NAV report builder EULA is available from the installation files, but they are not there. (They are in the 2012 report builder EULA.)
380522Resource Governance: Thread Scheduler RunExternal call was not guarding the RunAction.
380577Bug fix 380086 released in KB3182131 is reverted.
380581Mount-NAVTenant fails after dismounting once.
380626Instead of checking the subpage, the parent form is checked.
380638In certain C/AL, NEXT calls massive reads and asynch_io_waits while loading a card page.

Application hotfixes

IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380587Job WIP calculation is incorrect when a job usage and a reverse job usage are recorded to fully reverse the cost. The calculate WIP calculates cost WIP even though there should be zero net cost with the reversing job usage posting.JobsCOD 1000
380443When a job planning line is created from a job ledger entry, the Show Linked Job Ledger Entry function doesn't work.JobsCOD 1001
380108XML Buffer does not export in the same way as it imports.AdministrationCOD 1239
380349The test tool fails when you run on NAS.ServerCOD 134418
380348When the client crashes with the application worksheet for an item open with removed applications, the item remains blocked for posting.CostingCOD 22 PAG 521
380537Enabled custom report layouts accidentally replace the standard prints outs when you run the Post and Print function for warehouse shipments.ClientCOD 229 TAB 9657
380475When you use a bank reconciliation journal to post to a G/L account with VAT setup by mistake, no VAT entry is created.Cash ManagementCOD 370
380263Sales order values are copied incorrectly from CRM into NAV via CRM integration.ServerCOD 5343
380531The Global Dimension value is not visible on output journal lines.ManufacturingCOD 5406 TAB 83
380440Without the Require Pick option enabled on the location setup, the user is still allowed to create a warehouse pick. This causes unexpected application behavior with item tracking.WarehouseCOD 5750 PAG 6510 TAB 7321
380463The unit cost on the item card changes to a high value for an item with FIFO costing method.InventoryCOD 5804
380487The Suggest Item Charge Assignment batch job does not validate any suggested quantity or amount to assign when you choose an amount and the charge is assigned to a transfer order receipt.InventoryCOD 5805
380337"You cannot use a Bin Code because location WHITE is set with Directed Put-away and Pick" error message when you validate the bin code in the output journal.ManufacturingCOD 7302 TAB 83
380216The pick does not provide the full quantity available for other lots when you do a lot-specific reservation and the bin content is blocked.WarehouseCOD 7312
380543Incorrect budget number when you switch to Add. Reporting Currency (ARC) in the Acc. Schedule Overview dialog box in which ARC is not supported for cost accounting budgets but for cost entries.FinanceCOD 8
380570RapidStart import issue with table 7002.AdministrationCOD 8611
380467An error occurs when you export data to Excel worksheets.AdministrationCOD 8618
380276You are unable to modify the dates for shipments and receipts in transfer orders even though the dates will cause a conflict and break reservations.SalesCOD 99000815 COD 99000836 TAB 5740 TAB 5741
380315When you run the Calculate Bins function from a Bin Creation worksheet, letters in the From No. and To No. fields appear to be overlooked by the process.WarehouseN/A
380373A user included in a workflow user group can approve documents over the limits set in the Approval User Setup window.AdministrationN/A
380403The Testing toolkit does not filter purchase lines properly when you test purchase returns.UpgradeN/A
380485The Resource Usage Type column on the Assembly BOM page behaves inconsistently. You are unable to select a value in this column.InventoryPAG 36
380424The Opportunities page cannot be filtered appropriately because of the Caption() page functionMarketingPAG 5123
380525"You cannot perform this action because entries for item 70062 are unapplied in Application Worksheet by user NAV2015\ADMINISTRATOR" error message when you close the application worksheet.InventoryPAG 521
380489In multiple other profiles, the cues are showing the same inconsistent result before the changes made in bug ID 380096.InventoryPAG 9047 PAG 9050 PAG 9072 TAB 9050 TAB 9056 TAB 9059
379599When you delete multiple permission sets, the page is not refreshed as expected.AdministrationPAG 9802
380521The Customer/Item Sales report does not present sales orders in accordance with the invoice posting date that is specified on the order.SalesREP 113
380554When you create a line in a journal from the direct debit collection, there is a problem with the numbering.Cash ManagementREP 1201
380422The Test Consolidation functionality does not check the dimensions correctly.FinanceREP 14
380429The External Document No. field is not validated on the Warehouse Shipment page when you create the shipment from the Sales Order page.WarehouseREP 5753
380510The Adjust Exchange Rates report does not finish in a reasonable time frame.FinanceREP 595
380634"Compress VAT entries does not increment the Transaction No., in following the Inconsistent" error message when you attempt to apply an open invoice.FinanceREP 95
380493The test tool fails if a record is saved from a page.AdministrationREP 99001015
380580"There is no Job Planning Line within the filter" error message if you delete a job planning line type text which has already been transferred to a sales invoice.JobsTAB 1003
380407Shipping agent service records are not deleted when you delete the master record from the Shipping Agent page.SalesTAB 291
380558Slow performance in the Adjust Cost Item Entries batch job for average cost items with many transfers.InventoryTAB 339
380446The ending date in the to-do is automatically updated to +1D when you manually set the ending date to any given date.MarketingTAB 5080
380392"There is no customer related to contact X, which is specified in the opportunity" error message when you assign a quote to an opportunity and the contact's company is defined as the customer.MarketingTAB 5092
380593If you add a contract to a service order or service quote, the default dimension priorities are not respected.ServiceTAB 5900
380436"The Resource Location already exists" error message when you try to put two different resources on the same location code for the same starting date.JobsTAB 5952

Local application hotfixes

IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380603GST amount specification lines are not printed when you print the Sales - Tax Invoice report in the APAC version.FinanceREP 28072
BE - Belgium
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380267On an attempt to post a purchase invoice with reverse charge VAT and non-deductible VAT, the "inconsistency" error message is displayed in the Belgian version.FinanceCOD 90
CH - Switzerland
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380351"The Vendor Ledger Entry already exists" error message when you run the Suggest DTA Vendor Payments batch job in the Swiss version.Cash ManagementREP 3010546
380482The Customer – Balance to Date report does not print per customer if you filter the customer posting group in the Swiss version.FinanceREP 11540
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380601In situations with many lines in the journal, the message which has been implemented with HFR 374858/376831 is not actionable in the DACH version.FinanceCOD 13
380507XML loading issues cause the standard C/AL Test tool to run with errors out of the box with the standard Cronus database in the DACH version.DEV Environment (C/SIDE)REP 11016
380529The Inventory Value report displays unexpected results in the Cost Amount (Expected) column in the DACH version.CostingREP 11517
ES - Spain
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380523If you use the Apply-to Oldest method, the system does not restrict the automatic application of a bill or invoice to Cartera already included in a payment order in the Spanish version.PurchaseCOD 12
380382If you run the Suggest Vendor Payments function for a document posted with more than one installment in the payment terms, the Applies-to Doc due date field on the payment journal inherits the due date of the first installment in all the bills in the Spanish version.PurchaseREP 1401
380375The Invoice Period and Status fields are displayed in English if you print a service contract even if the language selected is Spanish in the Spanish version.ServiceREP 5970
IT - Italy
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380549If you post a vendor bill list, the Vendor Bill List and Vendor Bill No. fields of the Vendor Ledger Entry table are missing and no data is displayed on the Vendor Bill List page in the Italian version.Cash ManagementPAG 29
380567You are unable to post the shipment for the subcontracting transfer order when the manufacturing policy is set to Make-to-Order in the Italian version.ManufacturingCOD 12152
NA - North America
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380498When you print the Check report and a credit memo is included, the applied documents are not displayed correctly on the stub in a Canadian company in the North American version.Cash ManagementREP 1401
RU - Russia
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380564The vendor posting group is incorrect if you post a purchase invoice with agreements in the Russian version.PurchaseCOD 90
SE - Sweden
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380312Incorrect G/L entries are created when you use the Deferrals and Automatic Acc. Code fields on a vendor invoice in the Swedish version.FinanceCOD 12
UK - United Kingdom
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
380423If you run the Remittance Advice report for a payment line that is inserted for a vendor and the applied documents include operations in other currencies, the report displays wrong data in the British version.PurchaseREP 10531

Local regulatory features

NO - Norway
IDTitleFunctional areaChanged objects
174095Generic support for ISO20022 credit transfer (SEPA credit transfer) with transaction currency EURFinancial ManagementCOD1221, TAB1226, XML1000


How to obtain the Microsoft Dynamics NAV update files

This update is available for manual download and installation from the Microsoft Download Center.

Cumulative update CU 11 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016

Which hotfix package to download

This cumulative update has multiple hotfix packages. Select and download one of the following packages depending on the country version of your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 database:
Country Hotfix package
AT - Austria Download the ATKB3188240 package
AU - Australia Download the AUKB3188240 package
BE - Belgium Download the BEKB3188240 package
CH - Switzerland Download the CHKB3188240 package
CZ- Czech Download the CZKB3188240 package
DE - Germany Download the DEKB3188240 package
DK - Denmark Download the DKKB3188240 package
ES - Spain Download the ESKB3188240 package
FI - Finland Download the FIKB3188240 package
FR - France Download the FRKB3188240 package
IS - Iceland Download the ISKB3188240 package
IT - Italy Download the ITKB3188240 package
IN - India Download the INKB3188240 package
NA - North America Download the NAKB3188240 package
NL - Netherlands Download the NLKB3188240 package
NO - Norway Download the NOKB3188240 package
NZ - New Zealand Download the NZKB3188240 package
RU - Russia Download the RUKB3188240 package
SE - Sweden Download the SEKB3188240 package
UK - United Kingdom Download the GBKB3188240 package
All other countries Download the W1KB3188240 package

How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 cumulative update

See How to install a Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 cumulative update .


You must have Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 installed to apply this hotfix.

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