You see a different "Start" field value in Project Server 2013 Professional than in Project Web App


In Project Server 2013, you may see a different Start field value in Project Professional than the Start field value in Project Center View or on the Project Details Project Detail Page (PDP) in Project Web App (PWA).


This behavior occurs because these are different fields. One field is a Project-level field whereas the other is a Task-level field. However, because of the context and same labeling of the field name, a difference in the values may seem unexpected. You might expect the value to be the Project-level Start date.

The Start field in Project Professional is the default start date for the whole Project. Project Professional uses this date as the default from which all tasks start. You can change the default settings in Project Options. The Start field in PWA Project Center view or the Project Information PDP displays the Project Summary Task Start date.

The Project Start date value is stored in the database tables and views that hold Project level data—for example, in the pub.MSP_Projects table in the field Proj_Info_Start_Date or in the view dbo.MSP_EpmProject_UserView in the field ProjectStartDate. 

The Project Summary Task Start field is stored in the database tables and views that hold Task-level data—for example, in the pub.MSP_Tasks table in the field Task_Start_Date or in in the view dbo.MSP_EpmTask_UserView in the field TaskStartDate.

The Project Start date will be the same date as the Project Summary Task Start date, except in the following scenarios:
  • If a child task of the Project Summary Task is scheduled to start before or after the scheduled Project Start date because of a constraint, such as Must Start On or Start No Earlier Than
  • If a child task of the Project Summary Task has actual work applied before or after the Project Start date

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