Contents copied from multiple columns in Excel are pasted into a single SharePoint cell for a custom list


Consider the following scenario:
  • In SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2013, or SharePoint Server 2016, you have a custom list.
  • The custom list contains more than two columns.
  • You click edit at the top of the list or click Quick Edit on the SharePoint ribbon to open the list in "Quick Edit" mode.
  • You copy values from two or more columns in a Microsoft Excel worksheet.
  • You're using a browser other than Internet Explorer (such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome).
In this scenario, the contents are pasted into one cell.

Note You may also experience this issue in Internet Explorer when you first click the SharePoint column and paste the contents. However, after this first paste operation, the contents are correctly pasted into the individual cells for each column.


To work around this issue, paste values from individual cells in Excel into the custom list in SharePoint.


This is a known issue in SharePoint. This issue occurs when you use a browser other than Internet Explorer.

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