"Could not be imported" error when upgrading Configuration Manager management pack for Microsoft Operations Manager

Gilt für: Microsoft System Center 2012 Operations ManagerMicrosoft System Center 2012 Operations Manager Service Pack 1System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager


When trying to upgrade the Configuration Manager management pack to version 5.0.8239.1009, you encounter the following error:
Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Discovery could not be imported.

If any management packs in the Import list are dependent on this management pack, the installation of the dependent management packs will fail.

Verification failed with 2 errors:
Error 1:
Found error in 2|Microsoft.SystemCenter2012.ConfigurationManager.Discovery|5.0.7804.1000|Microsoft.SystemCenter2012.ConfigurationManager.Discovery|| with message:
Version 5.0.8239.1009 of the management pack is not upgrade compatible with older version 5.0.7804.1000. Compatibility check failed with 1 errors:
Error 2:
Found error in 1|Microsoft.SystemCenter2012.ConfigurationManager.Discovery/31bf3856ad364e35||Microsoft.SystemCenter2012.ConfigurationManager.SiteSystemInfo|| with message:
The property Key (ServerRemoteName) has a value that is not upgrade compatible. OldValue=True, NewValue=False.


The error occurs because Microsoft.SystemCenter2012.ConfigurationManager.Discovery Management Pack Version 5.0.8239.1009 is not upgrade-compatible with former versions due to a design change.


To upgrade, remove (delete) the existing management pack (Microsoft.SystemCenter2012.ConfigurationManager.Discovery, version 5.0.7804.1000) that will not update, and then import the new one (Microsoft.SystemCenter2012.ConfigurationManager.Discovery, version 5.0.8239.1009).