Technical Deep Dive on Creating Apps for the Intelligent Cloud

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Receive best practices and architectural guidance for planning, building and maintaining Cloud Applications in Microsoft Azure that require scalability and high availability. Gain technical insights that will help you achieve more customers, reduce cycle times, optimize the use of IT resources, and improve quality and availability. Our Microsoft experts will teach you how to build a mature and robust Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) practice for cloud projects. Though focused on creating new applications in the cloud, this training is also useful for those looking to migrate an application to Microsoft Azure PaaS, whether from a traditional on-premises deployment or from another cloud infrastructure provider.

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This session is organized in 5 different sessions each with a duration of 2 or 3 hours, all consumable individually or together, depending on your needs. By attending this technical training webcast series, you will learn how to:

  • Plan and design scalability and performance of cloud hosted web apps

  • Plan and design hybrid integration for cloud applications to leverage existing on-premises assets

  • Build a cloud practice by learning how DevOps and ALM apply to cloud scenarios in order to grow maturity and agility of cloud projects

  • Win in the cloud by reviewing success stories and case studies to learn how other partners and customers are applying these technologies to become more successful and agile

Additional Information:

  • Technical content level: Advanced
  • Partner role: Developer
  • This interactive technical training is available to application developers within the Microsoft Partner Network (Network, Action Pack, Silver and Gold) at no cost. Not part of the Microsoft Partner Network? Join today.

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