The Error (0x8007001F) Is Generated When You Use Certain Video Capture Cards

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When you are using Windows Media Encoder with certain video capture cards, you may receive the following error:

A device attached to the system is not functioning (0x8007001F)


This behavior occurs with video capture cards that work with video port extensions (VPE) and support video port pins instead of preview pins.


You may be able to work around this behavior by first launching AmCap, which is a tool from the DirectX SDK, and then starting Windows Media Encoder while AmCap is still running.

More Information

This behavior may occur if the video capture card supports the video port pin without a video preview pin. The DirectShow architecture requires that the video port pin be connected to the Overlay Mixer Filter. If this pin is not connected, data cannot be captured in DirectShow. The Windows Media Encoder is not designed to connect the video port pin, and because it is not rendered, the error message is generated.

An application such as AmCap, has been updated to connect to render the video port pin, and as such when the Windows Media Encoder goes to capture data, it now works.


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