Portal Capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Version Release

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Portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now available. This article describes the enhancements that were included in this update, as well as how to obtain the updated solutions. For a full list of all portal updates released to date and their corresponding KB articles, please reference KB #3181191.

Upgrade to portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

This release includes an updated portal host and updated solution packages. If you are deploying a new portal after this update is available, the deployment will automatically include all of the enhancements within this update.

However, if you have deployed a portal prior to this update, you must upgrade the portal solutions within Dynamics CRM to take advantage of some or all of the included enhancements. For instructions on how to upgrade the portal solutions, please refer to this KB article.

New features introduced in portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Improved experience while adding a custom domain name to a portal. This release introduces a more intuitive and streamlined user experience when adding a custom domain name to a portal.
  • Restart a portal with a single click. A new action has been provided in the Manage Portal page that allows an administrator to easily restart the portal website.
  • Change the URL of the CRM Online organization that is associated to a portal. With this release, administrators can now easily modify the CRM Online URL that a portal is associated to through the Manage Portal page.

Issues that are resolved in portal capabilities version for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Version resolves the following issues:
  • Including an invalid period "." character within the Portal URL field while provisioning a portal is no longer allowed
  • Users clicking the URL in an invitation email could receive an "Invalid Invitation Code" error due to a mishandling of the "+" character
  • Updating a Website Binding record through the portal management page fails when using the German (1031) language
  • Metadata changes made to forms, fields, and other customizable objects in CRM were not reflected on an associated portal

  • Partner Portal packages were not updating to the latest version correctly
  • Adding an Attribute Filter to an Entity List would trigger an error under some conditions
  • A download action added to an Entity List could result in "The JSON request was too large to be deserialized." and "Unable to get property 'indexOf' undefined or null reference" error messages
  • The related record filter is not filtering lookups based on the configured relationship in Dynamics CRM