Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.10


Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.10 is ready and will be released in October 2016. This article describes the features, fixes, and other changes that are included in this update.

New features introduced in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.10

Update 1.10 introduces the following features:  
  • Reddit as a new source
    We've added Reddit as a new source in Microsoft Social Engagement. Set up or edit keyword rules, and then choose Reddit as an additional search source. You'll see Reddit posts and comments in a threaded view, and in the Analytics widgets you already use. Reddit posts don't provide any location information.
  • Share posts within Microsoft Social Engagement through a link
    As you work with posts, you can now generate internal links to easily share posts with other Social Engagement users in your organization. To create a link for a specific post, click the Copy Internal URL button in the post details.
  • Refresh CRM connections to update entity metadata
    We recently introduced the ability to update metadata in Social Engagement by refreshing a CRM connection. We've now extended this to also refresh CRM entity metadata on the CRM connection. When you refresh a connection, you'll be notified if any CRM entities or entity attributes are no longer available, and then they'll be automatically removed from the CRM connection.

Issues that are resolved in Microsoft Social Engagement 2016 Update 1.10

In addition to the new features, Update 1.10 addresses the following issues and improvements: 
  • Fixed an issue where private messages from Facebook pages were acquired multiple times.
  • We now show an error message if you edit the sentiment value on a post which doesn't support sentiment due to its language.
  • Fixed an issue for streams based on search topic categories: When a search topic is moved from one category to another, all data sets will be updated when you refresh the page. The same logic applies when a search topic is deleted.
  • Fixed an inconsistency in how the trends are calculated in the Analytics area. Trend values now represent the actual full data set of that Analytics page.
  • Improved the user experience when re-assigning licenses for Microsoft Social Engagement in the Office 365 Admin portal. When Social Engagement license is removed in the Admin portal, the user’s configuration in Social Engagement (for example: search topics, streams, or alerts) will persist for several hours so that when another license is assigned to this user, no data will be lost.

More Information

For more information see the Social Engagement Help Center.


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