Error 21101 when you try to create a new Nano server in SCVMM 2016

Applies to: Windows Server 2016


When you try to create a new Nano server from a physical machine in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2016, the job may report the following failure:

Error (21101)
OS Deployment failed on physical computer <SMBIOS GUID>.

Recommended Action
Verify that the physical computer profile and the physical computer information match.

When you view the job details, you see that the problem is specific to the Enable Multipath I/O feature step.


When you add a Nano Hyper-V host to Virtual Machine Manager for management, the Multipath I/O Feature (for example, MPIO) must be enabled. 


A Windows Server 2016-based Nano server must have all the necessary packages added to enable management by Virtual Machine Manager2016. These include the following: 
  • Microsoft-NanoServer-SCVMM-Package
  • Microsoft-NanoServer-SCVMM-Compute-Package
  • Microsoft-NanoServer-OEM-Drivers-Package
  • Microsoft-NanoServer-Storage-Package

If that last package is missing, this will trigger a failure when you try to enable MPIO.

More Information

To see the installed packages, run the following command:

dism /online /get-packages

For information about how to add package, see Deploy & Manage Nano server-based Hyper-V hosts or VMs in VMM.