Update improves handling of documents too large for Full-Text Search indexing in SQL Server

Applies to: SQL Server 2014 DeveloperSQL Server 2014 DeveloperSQL Server 2014 Enterprise


In SQL Server 2012,2014 or 2016, when documents are too large for Full-Text Search indexing, an exception that resembles the following is logged in the SQL Server error log, and a dump file is generated. Additionally, full-text queries may return incorrect results.
ex_raise2: Exception raised, major=300, minor=45, state=53, severity=17

Note Support for Full-Text Search indexing on large documents that exceed word position values greater than 4,294,966,016 is not added in this update.

After you install this update and SQL Server indexes documents that are too large for Full-Text Search indexing, the documents are skipped, and SQL Server generates an error message resembling the following in the Full-Text Search error log instead of throwing exceptions and generating file dumps. 
Error '0x8004fd0a: Occurrence counter overflow, document is not indexed.' occurred during full-text index population for table or indexed view object_name (table or indexed view ID object_id, database ID database_id), full-text key value full-text_key_value. Failed to index the row.


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