Wi-Fi password not accepted in Windows 10 using non-QWERTY keyboard layout

Applies to: Windows 10


When you try to enter a password for a wireless network, it might not be accepted if the following is true:
  • You have Windows 10 with the Anniversary Update installed (version 1607)
  • You are using a keyboard with a non-QWERTY layout, such as:
    • AZERTY (French)
    • QWERTZ (German/Switzerland)
    • Cyrillic
    • Latin American
  • Entering the wi-fi password is the first thing you did after signing in to Windows 10


In the situation above, the wi-fi password input is in the QWERTY keyboard layout, even though you are using a non-QWERTY keyboard. This is a known issue with Windows 10 Anniversary Update.


Open notepad and type the password there. Copy the password from Notepad, and Paste it into the wi-fi password field.

In the future, type in an app before typing the wi-fi password. This will prevent the issue from coming up.