Incorrect translation of Subject Name type "State" as "Status” in Certificates Management Console in German Windows 10

Прилага се за: Windows 10


In the German language (de-DE) version of Windows 10 and earlier versions, the English word "State" is incorrectly translated as "Status" in a Certificate Request form in the Certificate Management console (certmgr.msc or certlm.msc).


  • This problem occurs only in the Certificate Enrollment phase when you customize the Subject name field on the Certificate Properties screen.
  • English language versions of the Certificate Management console are not affected. Other language packs might experience similar problems, although no such examples have been reported to Microsoft.
  • Completed requests and issued certificates are not affected by this problem. Only the user interface is affected.

More Information

If "Status" is used as the Subject name type, the "S=" part of the directory name in the Subject field is correctly set in the issued certificates. The following screen shot shows the English version of the Request Certificates dialog box.

The German language version of the Request Certificates dialog box incorrectly uses “Status” as the Subject name type (Antragstellername).

Even though “Status” is selected instead of “State” in the German language version, the certificate request is correctly populated by using the appropriate value for the “S=” part of the directory name.

Because the correct value is set, the issued certificate is correctly populated by using the following values:

  • CN = test
  • S = Bundesland

On German language systems, the issued certificate appears as shown in the following screen shot.

On English language systems, the issued certificate appears as follows:


Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available.