Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016 IMAP account can't download messages because of UID SEARCH command

Applies to: Outlook 2016Outlook 2013


You create an IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) mailbox account in Microsoft Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2013. When you sync the mailbox with the IMAP server, the folder list and folder hierarchy are downloaded. However, no email messages are downloaded. No error or warning messages are received in Outlook.

The Outlook IMAP transport log shows that the connection is closed after Outlook sends the UID SEARCH command:

IMAP: 11:40:24 [tx] tbqs UID SEARCH SINCE 13-Dec-2016IMAP: 11:41:17 [db] Connection to 'IP address' closed


This issue may occur if the IMAP server does not support the UID SEARCH command. 

Installations of Outlook 2013 that have the October 16, 2013 update (KB2825677) or a later update installed send the UID SEARCH command when communicating with the IMAP server. All versions of Outlook 2016 send the UID SEARCH command.


To fix this issue, the IMAP server must be updated to support the UID SEARCH command. Contact either the Internet service provider (ISP) or the IMAP server manufacturer to report the issue. 

More information

Customers have reported that one third-party IMAP server that does not support the UID SEARCH command is Alfresco 5.1.

After you enable transport logging in Outlook, the IMAP transport log is generated in the following location:

%temp%\Outlook Logging\IMAP-<usernamedomainname>-<date>-<time>.log

When the issue occurs, the following events are logged in the Outlook transport log:

IMAP: 11:40:24 [tx] wk2e SELECT "Drafts"IMAP: 11:40:24 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3IMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] * 1 EXISTSIMAP: 11:40:24 [db] OnNotify: asOld = 5, asNew = 5, ae = 3IMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] * 0 RECENTIMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] * OK [UNSEEN 1] Message 1 is the first unseenIMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] * OK [UIDVALIDITY 1477650566] UIDs validIMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] * OK [UIDNEXT 2504] Predicted next UIDIMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] * FLAGS (\Answered \Deleted \Draft \Flagged \Seen)IMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] * OK [PERMANENTFLAGS (\Answered \Deleted \Draft \Flagged \Seen)] LimitedIMAP: 11:40:24 [rx] wk2e OK [READ-WRITE] SELECT completed.IMAP: 11:40:24 [tx] tbqs UID SEARCH SINCE 13-Dec-2016

IMAP: 11:41:17 [db] Connection to 'IP address' closed.

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