List of Bugs Fixed in Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 2

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This article provides information about the bugs that are fixed in Microsoft .NET Framework Service Pack 2 (SP2). Service packs are cumulative. Therefore, bugs that are fixed in one service pack are also fixed in service packs thereafter. For example, you do not have to install .NET Framework Service Pack 1 (SP1) before you install .NET Framework Service Pack 2 (SP2).

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.NET Framework Service Pack 2

318738 FIX: .NET Programs Are Slow to Load When Running Under a Domain
319012 FIX: Delay When You View ASP.NET Page on Windows 2000
319083 FIX: ASP.NET Does Not Pick Up the REMOTE_PORT Server Variable from IIS
319177 FIX: CallContext Objects Are Lost When You Create a New Serviced Component
319991 FIX: ASP.NET Does Not Copy Files from Bin Directory to Temporary ASP.NET Files Folder
320011 FIX: System.InvalidOperationException If You Use XslTransform in Multithreaded Scenario
320353 FIX: ASP.NET Worker Process Does Not Start on Computers with the /3GB Boot Switch
320425 FIX: .Dispose or .Clear of a ListView takes a very long time if some entries were removed before.
321552 FIX: ender Method in BasePartialCachingControl Class Renders by Using HtmlTextWriter
321556 FIX: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException When You Double-Click Row Divider with Empty Cells
321562 FIX: Role-Based Authentication Fails for Users Who Belong to Many Groups
321563 FIX: EventLog.WriteEntry Method May Fail Under Stress
321792 FIX: ASP.NET Worker Process (Aspnet_wp.exe) Is Recycled Unexpectedly
321831 FIX: Connection Problems When You Make a Web Request with WebRequest Class
321954 FIX: Search Consumes All Available CPU Time on Windows XP After You Install .NET Framework
322289 MS02-026: Unchecked Buffer in ASP.NET Worker Process
319345 FIX: Thread Abort During SqlCommand.ExecuteReader Corrupts SqlConnection Pool

.NET Framework Service Pack 1

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