Hard disk space requirements for Windows XP Service Pack 1


This article discusses the hard disk space that is required to install Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) on a computer that is running Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, or Windows XP 64-Bit Edition. The working space that is described in the following table is required for files that are used only during the installation. This requirement is temporary and does not contribute to the total space requirements. The space that is required for the files that remove SP1 is used for the storage of the files and settings that are changed during the service pack installation. You can automatically back up these system files during installation. You must have these files if you want to remove the service pack later.

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The following table lists the hard disk space requirements for installing Microsoft Windows XP SP1.

Space required for
Space required for installing installing SP1 from the
SP1 from a shared distribution service pack CD-ROM or the
folder on a network Windows XP SP1 Web site
Service pack 145 megabytes (MB) 145 MB (for the service
only for the service pack pack) + 283 MB (for the service
pack files contained in the

Subtotal 145 MB 428 MB

Working space 56 MB 56 MB

Files that 233 MB 233 MB
remove SP1

Total 378 MB 661 MB
434 MB peak during 717 MB peak during
installation installation

Also, you must have 30 MB free space on the first primary system partition for installation. The first primary system partition is the disk volume that contains the hardware-specific files that you must have to start Windows. For example, the primary system partition contains the Ntldr, Boot.ini, and Ntdetect.com files.

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