Changes in Windows Server 2003 DHCP Logging


This article describes the changes in Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server logging in Windows Server 2003.

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Change to DHCP Server Log File Name

The DHCP server bases the name of the audit log file on the current day of the week, as determined by checking the current date and time at the server.

For example, when the DHCP server starts, if the current date and time are the following
Monday, April 7, 2003, 04:56:42 P.M.
the server audit log file is named:
In Microsoft Windows NT and Microsoft Windows 2000, this same audit log file would be named the following:

New Event Codes for Events from a DNS Server That Supports Dynamic Update Protocol

If the DHCP server is configured to perform Domain Name System (DNS) dynamic updates on behalf of DHCP clients, the DHCP audit logs can be used to monitor update requests by the DHCP server to the DNS server, DNS record update successes, and DNS record update failures.

The following event IDs are used for DNS dynamic update events:

ID NumberDHCP Event
30DNS dynamic update request
31DNS dynamic update failed
32DNS dynamic update successful