Track your heart rate

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Microsoft Band monitors your heart rate day and night—giving you insights about your calories burned, your sleep, and your peak and resting heart rate, so you can perform at your best.


Using the heart rate monitor

The optical heart rate monitor in your Microsoft Band uses a light sensor to detect minor fluctuations in your capillaries. The heart rate monitor is located on the back of the clasp. You’ll see a green light when it’s active.

To see if the heart rate monitor is on:

  • Drag right to see status icons
    • Drag the Me Tile to the right, and look for the Heart Rate Monitor 
      Maximum heart rate icon
       status indicator. If it’s not there, the Daily Heart Rate monitor is turned off.

Turn the heart rate monitor on or off

The heart rate monitor will automatically turn on when you’re tracking a run, a bike ride, a workout, or your sleep.

From the Me Tile on your band, tap the Settings Tile

The Settings Tile
> Tools Wrench icon > Daily Heart Rate > On or Off.


View your current heart rate

On your band

You can view your current heart rate with a quick check on your Microsoft Band. Here’s how:

Step 1: On your Microsoft Band, press the power button.
Step 2: Next, do either of the following:
  • Tap the Me Tile, and swipe left to see your heart rate.

    - or -

  • From the Me Tile, use single-presses of the action button to cycle through your current readings until you see your heart rate.

Your Microsoft Band will display Acquiring when the light sensor is searching for your heart rate, and Locked once your heart rate is detected.

The band will remind you to put it on if you’re wearing the band too loosely or you’re not wearing it.