Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps Hotfixes

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The following problems are resolved in this hotfix for Web Apps in Microsoft Dynamics SL: 

Current Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps Rollup

January 31, 2020

ID Title

expense concurrency review


Create/Update AssignmentHeaderSave 7030 - This Field is Read Only (ProjectTimecardDetail.Rate)

40575 Approval levels skipped in Item Request when submitting Item request for approval before saving.

Previous Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps Rollups

November 22, 2019

ID Title

line item commit actions button does not appear to do anything when there are several lines being approved

October 25, 2019

ID Title

able to edit and click on the delete button for a completed timesheet

39476 pjcommun record does not get created after the last timecard detail line gets approved when using line item approval

Users see project analyst and labor amounts when no rights to screen in WebApps occurs in 2015 and 2018

39448 project managers can see details of projects that they are not managers of in line item approval - detail screen
39495 clicking on the assignment field and then remove row will cause issues and the user cannot enter anything else
38993 WebApps: Goal Vs. Planned Hours Detail Inquiry: "Invalid Value Entered" error message does not get removed after correcting error

September 27, 2019

ID Title

should not be able to add detail lines to a timecard in timecard history


WebApps: Resource management inquiry screens need Upper case in selection fields



Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.ProjectTimecardService.ReadTimecardSystemNote         SqlException   Transaction (Process ID 55) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process

39489 Web Apps - Timecard Entry - timecard detail lines disappear if you select the header Comments button prior to saving the timecard

August 30, 2019

ID Title

MY PROJECTS button shows inactive projects/tasks


internal server error when two users duplicate a timecard at the same time


timesheets are posting to future period so they do not get picked up by allocator or flex billing

39444 VSTS - SL Web Apps - Reopen Timecard reason enhancement

Webapps Payroll Employee: Border appears around grids after save



Create/Update AssignmentHeaderSave 7030 - This Field is Read Only (ProjectTimecardDetail.Rate)


ProjectAttention          SqlException   Transaction (Process ID 152) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the trans




records busy error or week ending dates are not defined error when clicking on timecard entry if hire date is in the future

39449 Collisions occur when using shared gsession variable
39445 Internal Server Error when saving timecard if billable option is unchecked

expense section does not show in line item approval if therer are 1200 pending timecard line item approvals


AssignmentGridSave NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

39455 SL Web Apps - Timecard Entry – ValidateSuccess

expense line item approval lines shows zero amount if rate OR units on the expense report are zero

July 9, 2019

ID Title

expense entry custom billable default value does not work

39289 Unable to open Expense Entry:   SQLDBException SM~~16302~~Dynamics SL Message 16302: Fatal SQL Error~~~~ -> The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'PJEMPLOY_SEmployeeID
39312 inactive project employee can log into web apps and timecard displays as non pft even if pft option is checked
39346 Web Apps Expense Entry - the Reimbursement Amount field is set to 0.00 after completing and saving an Advance or Reimbursement document

ApprovalDetail NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when clicking on the details button in document approvals if LB option is unchecked on a task from the timecard



Internal Server Error (MyAssignmentsGridPopulate) when duplicating a timecard with approximately 85 detail lines


WebApps Timesheet lines are getting set to line item approval required.

June 7, 2019

ID Title

Timecard Entry - various errors when two users are doing the same thing on different machines at the same time in web apps


Internal Server Error. when trying to remove row in web apps timecard entry screen

39349 Web Apps Expense Entry - attempting to open the Expense Entry screen from a Communicator message gives error message Server Error in '/' Application, Object reference not set to an instance of an object
39383 Timecard Entry - MY PROJECTS button does not show assignment if the project does not have a customer ID specified

Dynamics SL Message 10273: Current Employee XXXXX does not have rights to this document when trying to view details button in line item approval as project executive



web apps approval process does not create a pjlabaud (audit) recor

April 12, 2019

ID Title

Timecard Entry - when using Require Use of Time Detail and Labor Transactions and Invoice Comments is set to Weekly, the timecard never appears to save.



save button disappears when use accidentally enters a value of 25 instead of .25




Source and rate are incorrect when duplicating timecard in web apps

March 15, 2019

ID Title

Timecard Entry - when using Require Use of Time Detail and Labor Transactions and Invoice Comments is set to Weekly, the timecard never appears to save.



save button disappears when use accidentally enters a value of 25 instead of .25


39366 Source and rate are incorrect when duplicating timecard in web apps

February 15, 2019

ID Title

WebApps - Calendar lookup buttons are not getting disabled properly for users that only have view rights


WebApps Administration Access Rights: Fields tab behaviors not working properly when setting field to required

39036 Currency rate resets to the default after override and saving

Estimated hours gets rounded to a whole number in the assignment summary screen


Web Apps - Duplicate Timecard Enhancements

  • To use this new feature, open Control Parameter Maintenance (PA.CNT.00)
  • Set Control Type = WA
  • Set Control Code = DUP-TC-USING-DEF-CS
  • In Control Data, enter N (this is the default) to copy the existing timecard detail line’s Company, Account and Subaccount values from the timecard that is being duplicated


  • In Control Data, enter Y to use the Company, Account and Subaccount values from either the Project record or the Employee record based on the setting in the Time and Expense Setup screen (TM.SET.00) for Default Company and Subaccount for Time Card Entry
39304 Multiples issues with attachments using multi company

Item Request screen creates a new Item Request number when using the COPY FROM feature in an existing Item Request

January 18, 2019

ID Title

Web Apps Employee and Resource Maintenance - the Comments button always shows with a + symbol


Document approval timecard details button does not show the columns aligned correctly when using time detail


Number of decimal places exceeds Total Precision of field, please reenter. Error when approving a timecard with a shift and autoposting enabled

December 21, 2018

ID Title

WebApps display issues/quirks on devices


WebApps Project Maint: UI fixes


Project Maint: When copying a project, check box buttons appear disabled


Timecard - Rate field overrides

November 23, 2018

ID Title

WebApps Employee Maintenance: Company ID field does not display as required


WebApps Employee Maintenance: Can't remove Date Terminated once it has been entered


WebApps Vendor Maint: Rate Type manual entry is in lower case. Needs to be uppercase


WebApps Vendor Maint: Address Info Name field is not a required field


WebApps Vendor Maint: System Message 28511 displays when it shouldn't


WebApps Vendor Maint: Debit Adjustments show as positive amount in WebApps when it shows negative in Rich Client


Web Apps Resource Planning by Resource - when dragging projects from the available pane to the assigned pane, it creates two lines in the assigned pane until Save is clicked.


various issues in document approvals when two users are doing the same thing at the same time

39269 hMicrosoft.Dynamics.SL.ProjectTimesheetService.UpdateProjectTimesheet OverflowException Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow error when using web services to import more than 900 lines

October 26, 2018

ID Title

TIMESHEETS don't show up for Line Item approval. You have to go the rich client and set status from Timesheet to completed


Web Apps Item Request Approval:  scrollbar does not always appear for IR approval grid if screen is too narrow


Web Apps Inventory Item Lookup:  input fields for depth, height, and width do not line up well


Error •2 - Data must be entered in this field (ProjectTimecardDetail.ChargedGLAccount)



Web Apps Item Request Approval - if Requisitions is not set up and the Item Request Approval screen is opened, a blank screen is displayed rather than the message "Selection is invalid until the Requisitions Setup screen is complete"




earnings type does not default in from task and when task is changed it does not get updated


Unable to resubmit/complete a rejected expense report. Status changes back to Rejected.


39222 the errors when duplicating a timecard need to be more informative so the user knows what actions to take
39224 header report date defaults back to current date in web apps expense entry

unable to search for task when in project maintenance


pjpentex.pe_id21 and pjprojex.pm_id21 fields do not initially show in project maintenance task tab until after you save the record

September 28, 2018

ID Title

Web Apps Timesheet: Receive•7030 - This Field is Read Only (PJTIMDET.EquipmentCompanyId) message when removing Equipment ID and saving




Web Apps Timesheet: Save button appears when required fields still exist in the grid


Web Apps Item Request: grid column alignment issue




Multiple screens unable to attach 10 or more attachments in web apps. Remainder of screens



Web Apps Timecard Entry - with Time Detail turned on and the DI button enabled, unable to initially select the DI button to enter time





Web Apps Expense Entry - saving an Expense Entry with no detail line or saving an Advance or Repayment creates a document that can't be accessed again in Web Apps.





issues with entering OT hours if the reduce regular hours option is checked


September 7, 2018

ID Title

Project Maintenance - the Phone and Fax fields in the Add Address screen are not formatted as phone number fields.



38768 Tabbing on numeric grid fields in Timesheet do not stay focused after entry

Timesheet: Pressing back on Document # Lookup results in error being thrown when it shouldn't





Notes icon missing on Budget Revisions when viewing details from Approvals




Description can disappear and hours get "moved" to the wrong line after saving when line is same project/tasks and resource assignment.


Item Request: When entering more than one grid line with 'Purchase For' set to 'Goods for Project', a new item request is created for the second line





Web Apps - Error Messages - improve visibility of errors and fields to be corrected




Error 9 - Item not found, please reenter. (ProjectTimecardDetail.ChargedTask) when selecting a project/task in MY PROJECTS if task is inactive


39175 timecard history shows the CORRECT button next to a timecard that has been approved when it should only show next to one that has been posted
39178 inactive equipment show in lookup list in timesheet entry
39180 various issues when tabbing quickly in Day Info/OT screen and then saving the timecard quickly

August 7, 2018

ID Title

Web Apps Customer Maintenance - the fields for Main Address and Bill To on the Address tab become misaligned after entering something in a field and then tabbing off or moving the cursor to the next field. The fields shift down.





WebApps Project Maint: Notes button does not work in Project Maximums.  In debugger, receive error:  'URL' is undefined



timecard detail lines split out when quickly tabbing and saving and using my projects button




"Item Request Number nnnnnn must be submitted for approval before it can be rejected" error when rejecting all item requests at same time




JavaScript error when opening Employee Resource Maintenance


Timecard Entry - if entering time quickly and saving quickly, not all the time that was entered is saved correctly.




document approval - details button and invoice comment button do not function without some unidentified access rights



When timecard is set to use 'Time Detail' the details are not being saved correctly


10272 error when clicking on timecard entry if using SSO and user clicks on login button

July 6, 2018

ID Title

7030 error when trying to charge an expense type when a project/task is not required (non billable expense type) and the company/sub is from the project record.





Web Apps quick query exports a maximum of 5000 records

  • A new setting has been added to the Web.config file to control the number of lines to export.
  • The new setting is QQ-Export-Lines with a default value of 5000.
  • The setting can be changed to allow for exporting more than 5000 lines



Filtered Quick Query does not export the data correctly from Web Apps.



Pjexphdr.cpnyid_home should always be the employee’s home company.




When all transactions are marked as non-billable in the timesheet, the total hours on the bottom right hand corner is 0.00 and also all the hours are 0.00 on the pop up box.



Error 16050 - The account/subaccount combination is not valid. (ProjectTimecardDetail./ChargedGLSubaccount)





Timecard Entry - Day Info label to Day Info/OT

  • To use this new feature, open Control Parameter Maintenance (PA.CNT.00)
  • Set Control Type = WA
  • Set Control Code = DAYINFO-BTN-TEXT
  • In Control Data enter the text(alphanumeric) that will display on the Day Info button in Timecard Entry screen in Web Apps. The default text is Day Info/OT.


39086 Tile Menu Alignment – when the Back button appears it shifts content down

Quick Query - Turn On/Off Save As & Save buttons

  • In Web Apps select Administration | Access Rights screen
  • Select your user or group
  • Select the Fields tab
  • In Screen ID select MDQQVIE
  • In Page select ACTIONS
  • Set the appropriate access rights for each field using the Visible and Enabled checkboxes

Timecard Entry - Add Employee ID & Name

  • A new field has been added to the Timecard Entry screen to display the Employee name and ID
39093/39094 Expense Entry Header - Label Alignment and Field Alignment
39124 Web Apps Project Analyst Project Net Profit button does not show any data when project has 16 characters
39144 Document Approval commit actions button does not do anything when the APSetup.LastRefNbr is a duplicate number

June 8, 2018

ID Title

project approval tile shows when it should not





Add the option to sort by total for document # lookup in project expense



viewing details in document approval wipes out pending status (approve/reject/forward)



Invoice Comment screen change - Project Timecard – popup




Timecard Entry - Grid buttons - Turn On/Off Invoice Comment button & Turn On/Off Day Info button


Project Timecard Entry - Delete Row requiring Change Reason comment



Turn Fields ON/OFF - Project Timesheet Entry


Timecard Entry - issues when duplicating a timecard and removing and adding lines



unable to approve an item request at the L3 level even though the user I am logged in with has L3

May 11, 2018

ID Title

Rejection comments entered in approvals screen in web apps do not show in the email sent to the employee




Duplicate button no longer appears in Timecard History after creating Current Timecard



Line Item Approval - Add Line Total/ when there are line approvals with different numbers of days, approve buttons cause spacing issues for longer weeks


Dynamics SL Message 6976: Unable to obtain the Registration information for this module when clicking on time entry with no reg keys for Advanced Payroll



AR credit memo shows as positive instead of a negative in the web apps project analyst AR Aging summary buckets and the detail


Time card error on Duplicate with > 7 days - Sequence contains no matching element


38913 Timecard detail line breaks out into separate lines

Timesheet: Screen blows up when returning from notes/attach when equipment ID selected in detail line

38929 Project Expense - unable to attach 10 or more attachments in web apps

Customer ID lookup error. lookup is not passing enough parms to the stored proc

39027 Fix for when changes are made to the timecard that affect the rate, the Extended Amount is not recalculating correctly using over time rates
39050 Clicking Log In button more than once causes 'Timecard Entry: 10272 SL User should be associated with one active Employee" opening the Timecard Entry

March 16, 2018

ID Title

web apps expense report defaults the company id that you are logged into instead of the employee's home company




issues with expense report not refreshing when attaching a document at header level - ExpenseHeaderSave NullReferenceException Object reference not set to an instance of an object


change reason is required in web apps expense entry when the pc messages text have not been removed


6900 - 'Another process has updated the table' when saving an expense with an attachment


13131 - Due From Company 0060, Due To Company 0060 not found in the InterCompany table for this Module and Screen. (PJTIMDET.EquipmentCompanyId)


Timecard Entry Icon - Add Outlined in Red condition

February 23, 2018

ID Title

Various errors when two users are doing the same thing on different machines at the same time in web apps




Various errors when two users are doing the same thing on different machines at the same time in web apps


ipad, android, chrome - in timecard screen, tapping the 'billable' checkbox when that cell does not have focus causes error


Visible option do not work in web apps for LE02

38794 Too many invalid password tries please start over

Grid Failed to Load... when saving a timesheet without access rights to the MD.TMP.TA screen


Item not found please re-enter RQITEMREQDET.INVENTORYID: saving an item request in webapps using a Goods for..Purchase For , when Inventory is not installed

February 13, 2018

ID Title

Dates in the ROI queue do not show in the correct format when OS region is set to UK



Unable to log into webapps when client doesn't own/have unlock keys /setup records for Time and expense, Project controller.


Item request unit field gets blanked out when tabbing off if posetup.inavail=0

38793 14051 - No employee rate record with a default labor class code can be found for employee when employee has a recent position effective date
38800 Quick Query - Export feature issue

Unable to search on description in the equipment lookup


Time Entry Grid Description - Turn On or Off

January 12, 2018

ID Title

Add setting to disable/enable DI and IC buttons within Timecard grid


Project Expense - Description field width

December 22,  2017

ID Title

Phone number listed as 30 restricted to 15


Web Apps Timecard Entry - noticeable alignment issues with the Total field on the Timecard Entry screen.

38774 Unable to see tasks in Project Timesheet unless both AP and LB are checked.

Expense entry detail comment reverts to default and rate gets set to 0 after viewing the SSRS report or when clicking on the header comments button


Web Apps Expense Report - Enhancement - Add detail notes


38802 Grid Column alignment issues

December 1,  2017

ID Title

The labels do not move with the grid when you scroll to the left or right in grid view using a device


Make entering a description quicker

38550 Make entering invoice comments quicker

Customer, Project, and Task blank when duplicating timecard


The remote server returned an unexpected response: (413) Request Entity Too Large. -> The remote server returned an error: (413) Request Entity Too Large when trying to save more than 35 lines in item request entry screen in web apps


38729 Apostrophe in employee name is cutting off the letters after it in webapps Employee Resource Maintenance

20099 - Access Denied - Earn Type ID when saving timecard if timecard was entered in rich client and user does not have rights to MDTMTAA

38777 Project and Task field displays are truncated with other fields hidden

Expense Entry – add the ability to hide the Billable and Payment Method fields using Administration – Access Rights.


Project analyst unbilled buckets are incorrect when project is setup for other specific employees to charge against in project employee maintenance

November 10,  2017

ID Title

Project Timesheet from webapps create pjtran/pjlabdis at zero labor cost (amount = 0.00) when costing is on Approval in Time and Expense setup.


Timecard Duplicate Feature - Labor Class Fix


When changes are made to the timecard that affect the rate, the Extended Amount is not recalculating correctly until you Save the timecard again.

October 20, 2017

ID Title
38275 If the Planning Date is changed to something other than the default value, assignments cannot be saved.
38696 Union code and rate and get getting set correctly in web apps

500 Internal Server Error clicking on the sort criteria hyperlinks within the project maintenance search lookup


Dynamics SL Message 16302: Error converting data type nvarchar to smalldatetime. when region and language is set to UK

39709 Date is not valid for the timecard period when saving timecard with zero hours and greater than 7 days

VSTS - Unable to locate the timecard "settings" menu option on the tiled webapps menu


Dynamics SL Message 9: Item not found, please reenter when doing a correcting timecard on a timecard with an active project


An unexpected exception occurred while checking Access Rights to Project Timecard" when attempting to login to Web Apps with a user that is not assigned to an employee.


September 8, 2017

ID Title

Make it easier for users to add external links to webapp main menu

38445 WebApps system SQL script does not regrant SQL permissions to the WebServiceAccess_FindSession proc

Saving a regular timecard in WebApps - detail line disappears

August 18, 2017

ID Title

Timecard Entry - Open Timecards and Timecard History screen - Reduce the number of clicks needed to duplicate/correct a timecard

38448 Update the menu UI in Web Apps

Add Change Reasons to approval screens


Payroll Employee Maintenance - Errors within validation for W2 First Name, Middle, Last, Suffix


Timecard - Alter the Change Reason Error message


Project Expense Entry - Change Reason Error message or Making field required


Another process has updated the table. The system will automatically cancel your changes" error when trying to update employee in employee maintenance when EarnDed records exist for multiple calendar years

July 28, 2017

ID Title

error converting data type varchar to smalldatetime when printing ROI reports when region is set to English (united kingdom)

38625 shift Id is showing the shift that was entered on previous line
  • Web Apps - 6900 - Another process has updated the table. The system will automatically Cancel your changes. () when saving an Expense that has a Note

  • Users are unable to access Project Maintenance in Webapps when Time and expense is not active in the product.

  • Time Entry - Web Services Enhancement – Add missing ID fields


July 7, 2017

ID Title

Header date, rate, detail comments reverts back when clicking on Comments on the Reports button

38636 Unable to get paging to work on the ProjectEmployee Find Method in webapps
38639 Report button doesn't appear during time entry after saving a line item

June 16, 2017

ID Title
38480 Data must be entered in this field(Project.projectCurrencyRateType) after changing the Currency ID with PSTL on one of the databases 
38489 Document & Line Item Approval - New Message
38584 When Timecard History is used to pull up previous timecards, it brings in the wrong timecard from the day prior
38602 Billable Flag in Non PFT defaults to NO instead of YES 
38603 Daily Post date gets populated with first day of the week on zero hour detail lines


May 26, 2017

ID Title
38524 Inactive Project Employee Is Able to Enter/Edit/Submit Timecards in Web Apps
38555 Slow performance when tabbing off Task field in Resource Planning by Project when there are several thousand pjpentem records
37611 'The week ending date is undefined' error when clicking on Timecard button if the current week is not setup in Week Maintenance
38412 When the Cpnyid, Curyid, and Curyrate fields are Hidden in EXPENSEGRID, the Employee Paid, Reimbursement Total and Total fields are not populated when a non-billable Expense type is used. Project and Task are blank (they should be)
38413 Unable to save Expense report when the Cpnyid, Curyid, and Curyrate fields are Hidden in EXPENSEGRID, the Employee Paid , Reimbursement Total and Total fields are not populated when a non-billable Expense type is used.
38581 When a project has an ampersand in its ID (Ex: CO99&990), the Task list will not go over to the second page if you have more than 20 tasks.

Project, Task and Customer Description shows as just one slash / when you add it to the form in Project Flex Time

38319 Expense Entry - Attachments - Issue When trying to view a saved Attachment before saving an Expense report, the screen blanks out.
38598 Resource Planning - Remove Resources from Assignment & Availability grids


May 8, 2017

ID Title
38355 Improved error message when you receive error message "A Server error occurred. Please see your administrator for assistance" when attempting to look up Access Rights for a user who has Access Rights granted by a Group.
38422 Various errors when two users are doing the same thing on different machines at the same time in Web Apps - phase 2
38526 Invoice Comments button does not show the "I" button when there are Invoice Comments on a short week
38542*  Resource Planning by Project - Add Copy feature 
o    add a Copy button to copy the Planned Hours to the Estimated Hours field Within the Assignment - Edit screen
38543*  <REQUIRED> text in color/bold
38566 "Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection." when clicking on MY PROJECTS button after you have entered a line with Notes without saving it

*New Feature


April 14, 2017

 ID  Title
 38406  Approvers do not see Timecards for employees that have a different home company than the Approver
 38474  Data is being copied from other browser tabs when saving
 38487  Timecard lines duplicate in Web Apps when a Timecard is duplicated and when Clean Up Zero is set to NEVER
 38490  Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection when entering Invoice Comments or Notes before you save the Timecard
 38500*  Planned Vs. Actual Hours Inquiry and Planned Vs. Actual Hours Detail Inquiry
 38503  OT adds hours when it shouldn’t
 38506  Error 9 – Item not found, please reenter. (ProjectTimecardDetail.Chargedtask) when doing Timecard correction with an inactive task
 38509  Various errors when two users are doing the same thing at the same time
38510*   Expense Entry - Project & Task auto populate from previous line
 38537  Performance issues in Timecard Entry screen
 38544  Performance issues when logging into Web Apps

*New Feature


March 28, 2017

 ID Title 
 38457  Access Rights - Screens - Change label
 38460*  Timecard Entry – Ability to recall completed timecards
 38498*  Login Warning - Warn users when they log into the wrong company to enter their time
 38512*  Resource Planning by Project - Adding Resources Assigned Totals
 38481  Shrink the Date/Hour information so approvers don't need to scroll as much to approve
 38485*  Resource Planning by Project & by Resource screens - Define the number of lines to display on the screen
 38478  Timecard Entry - Settings - Set the default value Timecard PFT Clean up zero hour detail lines to Never

*New Feature



March 3, 2017

 ID  Title
 38405  Project/Task do not show in Web Apps Expense entry if LB option is unchecked when they should be showing
 38452  Timecard Total Hours field is wrong when duplicating timecard
 38464  Timecard Detail Sort Criteria and Timecard Detail Sort Order Timecard settings are not working
 38461  Page 1 is missing in Resource Planning by Project in the Resources Assigned section


February 10, 2017

 ID  Title
 37807  LookupAssignments SQLDBException SM~~16302~~Dynamics SL Message 16302: Fatal SQL Error~~~~ -> String or binary data would be truncated
 38332  Users lose their time that they have entered AssignmentGridSave InvalidOperationException Sequence contains no matching element
38196   Error 9 - Item not found, please reenter. (ProjectTimecardDetail.ChangeReason)
 38397 There is extra space between the Billable field and the Date field for Project Timecards on the Line Item Approvals screen. 
 38402  Dynamics SL Message 9: Item not found, please reenter.~~~~ProjectTimecardDetail.ChargedProject when trying to correct a timecard with an inactive project
38439   When clicking on communicator messages, it takes you to the rich client instead of the appropriate Web App
 38440  Expand the number of lines displayed to the maximum for timecards and expense entry.
 38446  Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection click on document approvals when there are 25+ detail lines on an invoice waiting to be approved
 38346  Unable to enter invoice comments in Web Apps timesheet entry

January 20, 2017

 ID  Title
 38237  Item Request Number XXXXXX must be submitted for approval before it can be approved
 38354  various errors when two users are doing the same thing on different machines at the same time in web apps (1st phase)
 38333  Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection click on document approvals when there are more than 5 invoices waiting to be approved
38371   Subaccount is not defaulting in when selecting a purchase for of Services for Project
 38259  The remote server returned an unexpected response: (413) Request Entity Too Large. -> The remote server returned an error: (413) Request Entity Too Large

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Rollups (December 20, 2016 and prior)

 ID  Title
 35875  Current Replenishment Needs reports fail
 35768  ROI - Employee Report turns off Microsoft Dynamics SL Reporting Service
 32147  TIMESHEET Using a Work Order for the Project ID results in Account saving with foreign data SYSTEM.BYT
 34452  Rich client menu is not regenerated when Filtered Query View is created or deleted
 36049  Project Quick Send Additional Receivers Web App does not have a message that rich client has
 36084  System Message 10272 - SL User {0} should be associated with one Employee. Should be localized or added to the database
 36274  Cannot forward an invoice to another employee for document approval.
 37792  TimecardEntry - Remove New button & submenu - Replace with new entry
 35844  Timecard PFT saves invalid Group Code in DB
 36152  Web Apps Communicator link to Project Expense not loading Detail Lines
 36085  The Period to Report displays incorrectly on the AR Sales Analysis reports when the Period to Report is changed to something other than the default Period to Report.
 36096  Applying Select criteria to a report in Web Apps does not return the same result as it does to the same report in rich client.
 36094  Unable to enter a Value more than 8 characters in the Value field on the Select tab of the Web Apps ROI screen for the amount fields on the Trial Balance (SSRS) (01.611.00) report.
 36089  Changes to the Sort tab on the Web Apps report AP Vendor Trial Balance do not carry through to the printed report.
35635    Registration check is not working properly in Web Apps ROI
 35862  ROI Lookups need to return the same amount of columns for paging and non-paging, and the counts should be a column to avoid extra lookup calls.
 37826  Project Analyst - Task Net Profit - Add new Variance field
 37825  Project Analyst - Project Net Profit - Sort order
 37824  Project Analyst - Billing Detail Inquiry - Display full status
 35978  Submitting report in ROI when the .rpt file is missing, does not give a useful error message
 36025  Report Format that is saved in a Template is not displayed in the ROI Web App when that template is chosen
 36532  In Web Apps Quick Query, the Drill To feature doesn’t work on any page other than page 1
 36307  Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. Error issued when deploying Web Apps.
 36239  Cannot deploy Web Apps due to "Could not find endpoint element with name VendorService" error.
 36564  Once a file is un-linked, the same file cannot be re-attached
 37635  Item request is auto approved when saving in Web Apps if project ID is greater than 10 characters
 36083  Able to page in assignments window in IE even though page one is not full
 35897  Project Analyst back navigation sometimes fails.
 36036  Need a descriptive message other than "A server error has occurred." when more than one project employee ID contains the same SL User ID being used to log into web apps.
 36185  Cannot save a new direct budget: WebClientLog "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" referring to PostBudgetSave
 36158  A needed Microsoft Dynamics SL Web Service could not be contacted...VendorService.svc... (404) Not Found error received when deploying web services.
 35595  Menu entries should display with Screen Number if possible
 35592  In Lookups/LookupsPartial the page number on the footer does not display properly
 35430  Add Report Queue status examples to Themes page (Main Menu | Options | Themes)
 34818  Update all labels in Web Apps to pull from resource.dll
 35697  Usability- selection criteria is cleared when clicking the back button from a lookup in one of the selection criteria fields
 35966  Add Vendor Maintenance screen to Web Apps
 36006  Add Payroll Employee Maintenance screen to Web Apps
 35928  Add Customer Maintenance screen to Web Apps
 37882  Employee is spelled Employee in web apps sql script which causes issues with the employee filter in timesheet entry
 38045  Web Apps timesheet entry screen ignores LB status flag on project and task
 37677  Web Client and Web Service log errors generated when logging into web apps as SYSADMIN.
 37755  WSL_WebAppMenu proc causing performance issues in web apps
 37753  Details are missing on budget revision approvals
 37751  New detail lines get created when saving timecard if timecard has more than 1 invoice comment
 37789  Rejecting an Item Request more than once in Web Apps returns an error "Item Request Number xxxxxx must be submitted for approval before it can be rejected."
 37844  This Field is Read Only (RQITEMREQDET.RequisitionNumber) when saving item request using the "copy from" lookup
 38216  Labor Class does not show as a required field in the Timecard Edit window
 38229  Web Apps project analyst displays duplicate lines
 38176  Generic Error Message for E-mail formatting issues says “Invalid Value Entered”
 38183  Notes and Attachments surrounded by white space instead of what is usually grey
 37811  Enhancement Request - Project Analyst - Invoice Inquiry - Remove time
 38126  Make decimal rounding/precision consistent with Rich Client and precision validation consistent across Web Apps
 38049  Add Planned Hours to Assignment Summary by Project-Task and Assignment summary by resource
 38123  Convert any screen that is using the old style lookups to use partial lookups.
 38122  Convert paging to use a common function to determine max page
 38100  Page reload Resource Management Inquiry
 38083  Web Apps– Date Formatting. Allow Web Apps to be functional and properly display date formats regardless of system culture.
 38072  Need to make report changes to Web Apps for Bug 35488
 38009  Expand the number of lines displayed to 10 for timecards and expense entry.
 38027  Web Apps - Attachment - Error when attaching blank text file
 35820  Page numbers for grid are incorrect on Assigned grid on initial load
 35688  All Controllers with Lookups/LookupsPartials/PVs/PVPartials need to return results of zero count, and never return "Json(Nothing)"
 35353  Enhance the "Item not found, please reenter" error message throughout Web Apps to include the caption of the field where the incorrect value exists
 30791  Change Communicator Messages automatically sent to use Web App screens instead of screens numbers used by BP
 28862  Selecting a date from the calendar causes navigation to menu in Firefox
 37618  The Notes/Attachment button doesn't display when it should and the New Row and Remove Row buttons display when they shouldn't in Project Expense web apps.
 37574  9 Item not found please re-enter pjexpdet.docnbr
 36533  Web Apps Expense Entry allows 0 units on an expense report line item when the Expense Type is set to require units.
 36278  Setting the Comment field to required for Expense entry removes the SAVE functionality from Expense entry in Web Apps.
 37917  Web Apps - Project Expense Lookup - Add the date of the expense to the lookup
 38022  Project Expense - Impersonate User – ability to enter expense reports for another user
 38130  Update Notes/Attachments to use partial views
 38338  Getting message 6042 'Document status is invalid for processing' when changing the status of an expense report to Completed.
 38337  Receive Message 6900 - 'Another process has updated the table, the system will automatically cancel your changes' when attempting to save an expense report.
 38295  Web Apps Expense Entry - Saving Completed Repayment Expense Reports - Does not refresh the screen - Status field still enabled
 38267  Web Apps Expense Entry - Turn on Auditing - Saving Completed Expense Report does not refresh the screen
 38261  Web Apps Expense Entry - The Advanced Amount field does not populate when an advance exists
38258   Web Apps Expense Entry
 38228  Web Apps Expense Entry - Opening Attachments causes an error
 38226  Web Apps Expense Entry - Notes/Attachments - Header Notes/Attachment unable to attach a file
 38225  Web Apps Expense Entry - Notes/Attachments Icon does not display properly after saving a Note
 38221  For a non-Sysadmin user, an Advance or Repayment type Expense Report can't be saved as Completed. It reverts back to In Process.
 38193  Unable to save a timecard that was duplicated, lines added, lines deleted.
 38241  Unable to enter a non PFT timecard when Time reporting periods > 7 days is selected.
 38268  Receive 'Index was out of range' message when attempting to save a Timecard with header information but do detail records and Invoice Comments = weekly.
 38256  Invoice comments are not saved on a non-PFT timecard when only overtime hours are entered and Time reporting periods > 7 days is checked
 38246  The entry in the Work Type field is not saved.  Also, when clearing the Union Code field, unable to accept the changes.
 38299  The Rate field and the Extended Amount field do not display decimal places on the Edit screen in Timecard Entry. The Flat Amount field also needs to format to 2 decimal places.
 38296  The user is taken to a blank timecard screen when selecting the Timecard Entry screen link from the Messages screen. Also, there are 2 links to the Timecard Entry screen instead of just 1.
 37764  There is no 'I' indicator on the invoice comment button after an invoice comment is entered for the day in regular time entry.
 37803  Timecard Entry - Widen Total Submenu
 37790  7030 This field is read only (ProjectTimecard.EmployeeHomeCompanyID) When duplicating or correcting a timecard created in a company different from the employees home company in the same app db.
 37793  Web Apps - Unable to view the comments entered on a timecard once the timecard has been completed and PFT is not turned on.
 38150  Non-PFT timecards there is no where to enter time.
 38146  Receive error message 'A server error occurred' when trying to save a Timecard. Log file mentions that the stored procedure TMPFT Info is missing.  Also, on non-PFT timecards there is no where to enter time.
 38059  Orphaned Invoice Comments for Timecard line items
 37918  Web Apps - Timecard Entry - Edit screen - Customer ID, Customer name, Contract type
 37885  Duplicate Timecard Button doesn't work when Friday is first day of the Month
 37871  The accept button doesn’t appear if the user doesn’t have access rights to: Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.ProjectTimesheetService.FindProjectTimesheet
 37864  Error in label of Workers Comp Code on the Timecard Entry screen when PFT is not selected. Displays as Workers&#39: Comp Code
 36227  Time is posted to future days in Project Flextime if the week is short and greater than 7 is Unchecked.
 36225  Grid in PFT Timecard sometimes displays hours on the wrong day
 36230  'Sequence contains no matching element' error when project contains an Earnings Type
 37586  Sequence contains no matching element- Edit a flextime day when the subtask is more than 30 characters.
 37584  Receive "7003 - Number of decimal places exceeds Total Precision of field, please reenter" error message when attempting to save a Timecard where more than 2 decimal places were entered and the amount was rounded to 2 decimal places.
 35840  Project Timecard - The Edit popup can save with empty required values, error messages stay, and its Accept button state is not consistent.
 36033  Key value for rate table is not from valid source Error not handled correctly
 36069  Need a clear error message when opening Timecard Entry PFT when Time Detail is turned on and the user has rights to MD.TMT.CE but not MD.TMD.LY
 36131  Error opening the PFT Timecard Entry lookup from an EMPTY timecard:"•Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection."
36223   You cannot change certain values (project, task, account, and so on) for a timecard line in Timecard Entry Web App when the timecard was generated from a timesheet
 36221  Error "7067 - Invalid: Data cannot be entered against a System reserved ID. (PJTIMDET.EmployeeHomeSubaccount)" when saving a timesheet that you just created by using the Duplicate button in Timesheet Entry Web App
 36220  Labor Class is not updated after setting Employee and then changing Employee in Timesheet Entry Web App
 36219  Regular Hours incorrectly required when entering an equipment only line in Timesheet Entry Web App
 36218  Regular Hours defaults improperly in Timesheet Entry Web App
 36195  Server Error in '/' Application when trying to select a shift from the Shift lookup in Timesheet Web App
 36194  Crew field and lookup are non-functional in Timesheet Web App
 36207  Subaccount is not updated properly when project ID is changed on a line in Timesheet Entry
 36205  Cannot search by description in Shift lookup in Timesheet Web App
 36202  Cannot save more than 10 rows in the detail grid in Timesheet Entry WebApp
 36201  Usage field in a MD.TMP.TE line item does not default to the correct value, save the correct value, or display the value saved by TM.PTE.00 orTM.PTA.00 as set up for the Equipment ID in Equipment Rate Maintenance
 36197  Descriptions missing for field values in detail form view in TimesheetWeb App
 36269  Cannot duplicate a timesheet on iPad or Android
 36247  14111 - Unable to post to PJLABDIS, possible dup key. Error issued when posting a timesheet if Post Timesheets Directly is selected in Time and Expense Setup.
 36245  Invalid Value Entered - Date error received when manually entering a date on a timesheet detail line.
 36229  Error when trying to duplicate a timesheet when the user has rights only to MD.TMP.TE and not MD.TMP.TA: SM~~9880~~Dynamics SL Message 9880: You do not have access rights to this web service method.~~~~ProjectWeekEndingDateList
36216   Task is not updated properly after changing the project ID to a value different from the default in Timesheet Entry Web App
 36212  Header information lost after attaching a file and creating a note atthe header level in Timesheet Entry before saving for the first time
 36224  Cannot page to past the first page of employees on Project Timesheet
 36196  Rate/Amount fields not visible in Timesheet Web App even with MD.TMP.TEand MD.TMP.TA access rights
 36191  Note Screen is incorrect in Timesheet Detail Notes/Attachments
 36190  Employee Lookup button goes away when un-checking 'Timesheet forMultiple Employees'
 36217  Earn Type on Timesheet Entry Web App line has no description when value defaults, when typing value, or when using lookup to choose value
 36127  Error when opening Line Item Approvals when the project employee has no items to approve: "Server Error in '/' Application. Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
 36556  Dates from previous week are showing for line item approval view when the week ending date and entry date for the timecard is only 1 day
 37595  Clicking on Line Item Approvals with nothing to approve causes screen error
 37921  Allow Project Managers to see the details on Line Item Approvals for approval items using their projects
 37766  Multiple 'ReadProjectNote ItemNotFoundException' messages are logged when they should be ignored
 37800  Line Item & Doc Approval - Consistency: Make screen look similar.
 38359  Web Apps Line Item Approvals - the Approve and Reject buttons appear to be located in the wrong place on the screen and it causes other fields to not be aligned with their column headings.
 38236  Receive Server Error in '/' Application 'You do not have access rights to web service method' when attempting to view the details of a budget revision in Document Approvals, Also can't enter a Note.
 37798  Expense Approval detail - Add Total & Net Due Employee fields
37797   Document Approval: Expense - Add NET DUE TO EMPLOYEE
 35698  When Duplicating Timecards, Sometimes Status is Displayed Wrong
 35752  Ext Amt Not Calculating Correctly Unless You Save and Reload
 35743  All fields except for Project and Task don't display the value's description next to the field's heading.
 35742  Unions with Special Characters in their Description Can't be Selected
 35740  IPAD - Cursor Doesn't Go Just Before the Decimal Point When Editing Hour Fields in PFT Timecard Grid
 38297  Inventory Order History item lookup yields an empty page when attempting to sort.
 38298  Item Request Approvals displaying the wrong department ID when RQ Approval Type is set to Header.
 38293  Department and Project lookups yield an empty page when attempting to sort in Item Request Approval.
 36167  Validation problems with Freight Charges and Misc. Charges in Item Request Entry
 36162  Values are no longer defaulting into grid line fields.
 36249  Attempting to save with an invalid default account number causes an error with a blank error message.
 36234  Item Request Entry Web App should have the toggle for small form factor when in the grid
 36268  IR status is set to approved if submitted with a line item not requiring any approval even when other detail lines require approval.
 38292  Using an exploding kit fails to load the grid of an item request.
 38291  Get "Number of decimal places exceeds Total Precision of field..." error if entering more than two decimal places at Est Unit Cost of an item request.
 38290  Requisition Budget details not being displayed.
 38035  Account & Subaccount field do not populate when being called from the Item Request screen
 37908  Item Request grid description field should be a field that has word wrap turned on.
 37984  Web Apps - Employee Project Revenue and Expense Detail Inquiry - Add Goal fields to screen
 37982  Web Apps - Employee Revenue & Expense Inquiry - Add Goal fields to screen
 37913  Web Apps - Resource Planning by Project - Add actual hours
 36251  Resource planning by project: Assignments do not copy over the units, and calculate estimated costs to the Project Summary-Assignment summary by project task
 36022  Resource Planning by Project incorrectly disables entry into Util Period column containing today's date
 36021  Resource Planning By Project fails with date conversion error when less than 14 periods are found for Planning Date
 35910  Search not functioning in Resource Filter
 36005  Utilization Period Maintenance Web App - Add Periods form has incorrect label on Number of Periods field
 35908  Website cannot display the page error issued when saving a new or deleting an existing utilization type in the Utilization Type Maintenance web app.
 38024  Web Apps - Employee Utilization - Goal vs Actual Revenue Inquiry - Add Assigned Hours
 38328  The Web Apps Totals function/screen is not working.
 38245  Do you want to save your changes message goes into a loop if Yes is selected.
32334   The scroll bar at the bottom of Web App QQ views should be visible at all times and not just after scrolling to the bottom of the page that is displayed.
 32264  Web App Quick Query views do not have a row count displayed.
 35701  Server Error in '/' Application. reference to anti-forgery tokens when trying to open Project Maintenance Web App (MD.PAP.RJ) when the user doesn't have access rights to MD.PAP.RJ
 35895  401 Unauthorized should not be thrown when user does not have access rights to a screen.  Instead, should redirect to menu with an error message, stating what screen the user needs access rights to.
 36046  The screen number displayed for the Delegation screen is incorrect. It is displayed as MD.TML.IA but it should be MD.PJD.EL
 36038  Approvals are not delegated if "Through Date" in Delegation web app is set to today's date.
 38238  Unable to open the Calendar from any of the date fields in the Delegation screen in Web Apps
 35731  Project Maintenance Project Maximums screen does not allow user to view base currency max amounts
 35848  Invalid Subaccounts Can Be Added to a Project in Rich Client But Not in Web Apps
 35833  ProjectChangeOrderListSearchLookup is Tied to ProjectService.ReadProject Web Service Rights
 36088  Default Task is Shown in the Task Lookup for Project Task Maximums
 36087  Project Task Maximums Can't Have the Task Entered Manually (Invalid Value Entered)
 36055  Truncated Error message when putting an invalid character in the Project Description.
 36183  "Website cannot display the page." issued when attempting to add a new project.
 36179  Project Maximum Currency fields are not defaulting correctly
 38312  Web Apps Budget Schedule screen - the Units and Amounts fields do not use decimal precision (2 decimal places)
 38211  Web Apps Project Maintenance - In New Project Address, address description updates incorrectly
 38209  Web Apps Project Maintenance - After clicking New Team Member and choosing an employee, no name displays in the Project Team screen
 38208  Web Apps Project Maintenance - checkboxes become unchecked and can't be re-checked after editing fields in Tas
 38206  Web Apps Project Maintenance - Some Fields in Account Data do not enable when they should to allow typing, only their lookups are enabled
 38205  Web Apps Project Maintenance - Site errors out with 'the website cannot display the page' when trying to create a project in web apps
 38203  Web Apps Project Maintenance - correct issues with Lookups
 38276  Web Apps Project Maintenance - Lookups Search field does not work within lookups called from a popup
 38273  Trying to sort lookup list causes web apps to error out
 38029  Project Maintenance - Project Budgeting - Missing Task Description
 37949  Web Apps - Budgets - View all three in grid (Direct Budgeting)
 37979  PJPTDROL table record updated incorrectly when adding new Direct Budget EAC values
 36237  6976 error for the communicator module and unable to delete communicator messages if you don't own the module.
38240  Only two of the three links sent with the Communicator message show up in Communicator View Messages. It allows you to send a max of 3 links with the message.
 37804  Communicator- change Display order to: by MSG Status, then Created Date newest to oldest
 36175  Need refined error message for user in Project Budgets for budget revisions: "•Account Category not found in Account Category Master table (PJACCT) or Budgeted switch is set to No.(BudgetRevCategory.AccountCategory)"
 35738  Clearing the Visible checkbox in Admin Customizations should clear other check boxes as well
 35636  Registration check is not working properly in Admin - Access Rights
 36066  System Message 9880 - You do not have access rights to this web service method.  Project Week Ending Date List when opening Payroll Advanced Timecard web app
 36067  Payroll Time Entry batch incorrectly gets Balanced status when earnings control and earnings total do not equal in Web Apps
 36061  Sort order of line items in Payroll Time Entry Web App after save is in consistent with rich client Time Entry
 36059  Cannot upload an attachment to a Payroll Time Entry header on an iPad - no errors, blank page appears after clicking OK in Attachment dialog
 35934  Cannot enter a Non Post project ID in a Time Entry detail line like can be done in rich client.
 36256  Web Apps Payroll Time Entry - the title on the Workers column should be more descriptive such as Workers Comp Code
 36261  Web Apps Payroll Time Entry - unable to enter more than 24 units for some employees. Receive an 'Invalid Value Entered - Units' message.
 36424  Receive "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application...A child element named binding with same key already exists..." when verifying the web apps installation.
 37970  SQL Server Message 229 when users without web apps rights run a report due to not being granted control rights to MDSL
 36260  Performance improvement to reduce DB calls for each method/lookup call
 38140  Item request paging does not work/account search does not work/project and task fields are not required which causes Data must be entered in this field (RQITEMREQDET.ProjectID)
 38239  Dynamics SL Message 7030: This Field is Read Only~~ProjectTimecardDetailwhen approving timecard in web apps
 38270  Dynamics SL Message 9: Item not found, please reenter.~~~~ProjectTimecardDetail.ChargedProject when doing timecard corrections in web apps if LB checkbox is unchecked
 38271  When an Item request is created using COPY FROM, the note id is copied to the new item request. Changing the notes on the new item requests changes the notes on the original item request.
 38194  Error validating length for SOADDRESS.NAME
 38279  unable to approve several line items at the same time while being project manager to several projects
 38135  performance issue when loading timecard grid if timecard has several detail lines and database has several thousand pjnote records and greater than 7 day option is unchecked
 38154  If the 'Clean Up Zero Hour Detail Lines' setting is set to Prompt, the zero detail lines get deleted without a prompt – change removes the Prompt option until a future release
 38152  Error 9 – Item not found, please reenter.  (ProjectTimecardDetail.ChargedProject) when saving duplicated timecard with inactive project
 38181  setting the 'Show GL Account' option in time and expense setup to Show Disabled does not disable the field
 38139  zero hour detail lines are being deleted on a duplicated timecard even though the Timecard PFT: Clean up zero hour detail lines option is set to NEVER
 38155  Employee XXXXXX does not have rights to view document number YYYYYYYYYY
 38125  unable to enter invoice comments on a completed/posted correcting timecard in web apps
 38119  unable to correct a corrected timecard in web apps
 37785  Error 9 - Item not found, please reenter.(ProjectTimecardDetail.TimecardNumber) when saving timecard
 38114  Store Web Apps menu in Session Storage instead of a repeated SQL call
 37786  Performance issues/timeouts with project analyst with 150,000 projects (this HF deals with only the slow Web Apps login noted in this bug)
 38107  approving several line items at the same time hangs
 38088  Purchasing Commitment amount and units do not show on Task net profit in Web Apps (includes updated .rdl file)
 38081  Sequence contains no matching elements when unchecking the billable box in TimecardEntry- Flextime
 38124  errors when clicking on commit actions button in web apps approvals
 37663  Clicking on project net profit button in project analyst times out (includes updated .rdl file)
 36482  The maximum message size quota for incoming messages (65536) has been exceeded when clicking on document approvals if invoice has over 100 detail lines
 38015  ApprovalDetailNullReferenceException:   Object reference not set to an instance of an object. With Project and Task LB checkbox unchecked. Error 500 returned to the client.
38053   Expense postings to GL Rounding issue: System Message 3011: is not in balance and not posted.
 38054  item not found, please re-enter. (RQREASON.INVENTORYID)
 38032  using windows authentication on web apps site allows another windows account to login without a password
 38039  This field is read only (RQITEMRQHDR.ExpenseSubaccount) in Item request approvals.
 38036  Timecard corrections update the database pjtran records with a trans_date of 1900/01/01
 37994  'this field is ready only (RQITEMREQDET.vendorspartnumber)' when saving an item request with an item cross reference
38016   Project and Task are being set to required after you browse to the Notes page and back to the expense report.
 38012  Approver gets reset when Approver over-ride is turned on and you move from the expense page to the notes page and back.
 37943  timecard settings are not being saved in IE
 37960  7030~~Dynamics SL Message 7030: This Field is Read Only~~~~ ProjectTimecardDetail.Rate
 37953  Expense report lines duplicate if a note is attached and saved.
 37948  Line Item Approval shows rate for line rather than amount
 37967  Total and Reimbursement Amt not calculating correctly when Currency ID is disabled in Access Rights
 37816  The 'SLUserID' parameter is missing a value- Drilling down on Billed to Date in Project Analyst
 37911  clicking on document approvals button hangs if there are multiple detail lines that are identical other than the trandate
 37907  source amount is getting zeroed out when changing the expense type.
 37829  The comment field is only 40 characters, but it allows you to enter more, you get an error when you attempt to save in expense report entry. GetError: •28011 - The DescDetail field length is greater than the maximum length of 40 (PJExpDet.DescDetail)
 37875  'Sequence contains no elements' clicking on new button in regular timecard when hire date is in current week
 37899  Item not found, please reenter.(RQITEMREQDET.UOM) when saving if using non inventory good with a UOM
 37828  Copy paste by field in expense report entry for Web Apps is blanking out projects/tasks from the source line.
 37851  unable to see detail lines in web apps timecard entry that were added in the rich client
37841   should not need to enter criteria when accessing project analyst reports from project maintenance screen
 26296  "The user name or password provided is incorrect" error when trying to log into web apps if the windows account does not have rights to the "allow log on locally" policy
 37893  All required fields are no longer set to required after going to Notes/Attach and returning to expense screen
 37827  Expense report "spins" after adding, then deleting a line item.
 37847  performance issue when loading timecard grid with several detail lines and several pjnotes for the employee
 36498  Userson IOS 9 device Calendar control causes the screen to lock.
 37813  total field gets rounded out to 15 decimal places after changing payment method in expense entry
 37603  Performance issues when clicking on Accept button in timecard entry with iOS 9.1 or iOS9.2.
 37858  Tasks with the AP checkbox unchecked show up in expense entry Web Apps when the interface to AP checkbox is unchecked in time and expense setup
 37846  Web apps does not require units to be entered on an expense even though the Units Required field is set to YES
 37855  Task Net Profit report can show duplicate lines
 37799  Approver's current timecard disappears after approving other timecards
 36294  Zero hour detail lines are being deleted on a duplicated timecard even though the Timecard PFT: Clean up zero hour detail lines option is set to NEVER
 36460  Expense entry allow users to enter an expense report when they don't have a vendor id attached to their employee record.
 36430  7030- This Field is Read Only (ProjectTimecardDetail.Rate) when saving a duplicated timecard
 37763  Unable to enter daily invoice comments in Web Apps regular timecard entry
 37774  AssignmentGridSave InvalidOperationException Sequence contains no matching element when saving timecard with Earnings Type
 37670  In expense entry, adding Notes or Comments resets the Total and Reimbursement totals.
 37641  Line item approvals do not show invoice comments
 37652  Labor account doesn’t change if validating from labor class and you change the labor class
 37667  Unable to cast object of type 'Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectMaint.NotesAttachmentsHelper' to type error when clicking on Assignment Summary in web apps
 36495  Web Apps is requiring the QQ module unlocking keys to run standard quick queries
 37600  Expense notes not staying attached to the correct detail line
37622   slow performance in various places of web apps if user is manager of several projects and/or employees
 36404  There are no Utilization Periods defined for the period users cannot assign resources to a project unless they have Employee utilization module setup
 36551  Timecard report in Web Apps shows the incorrect company id for the project when the employees company is different- It displays the employees company.
 37593  Timesheet grid lines that are deleted and saved are displayed again after the save.
 37591  Entering a date in TimeSheet can cause an invalid date error message on a valid date
 36517  Comments appear to duplicate backward from expense report # 2 back to expense report #1
 36471  Weekending dates appear out of order and some are missing if timecard period future is greater than 1- Also it shows incorrect date range.
 37581  Error message 7003: Number of decimal places exceeds Total Precision of field, please reenter.~~ProjectTimecardDetail
 36556  Dates from previous week are showing for line item approval view when the week ending date and entry date for the timecards is only 1 day.
 36569  Timecard Web App doesn’t traverse the multi-rate table structure.
 36310  Must specify valid information for parsing in the string, Entering a new timecard in PFT Web Apps with -Allow non billable = Not used /Hide in PFT setup options in Time and expense setup.
 37572  pulling up open timecard with notes hangs if there are over 160,000 snote records
 36433  expense reimbursement amt amount and label show incorrect. If a user changes the approver on an expense report, it changes back to the original approvers NAME but not empid when they open it again after completing.
 36496  expense reimbursement amt amount and label show incorrect. If a user changes the approver on an expense report, it changes back to the original approvers NAME but not empid when they open it again after completing.
 36554  Addition to 36502/36504 as Project Comments and Notes can have errors with Project IDs that contain special characters (notably spaces)
36536   timecard shows wrong date after deploying hotfix for bug 36488
 36534  Invoice comments are saved to the wrong day on the 2nd week of a > 7 day timecard with Flextime.
 36504  Web Apps Approval without nopost creates approved PJLABDIS/PJTRAN records with zero amounts
 36524  hours show in wrong day bucket in web apps approval
 36502  Error using a dash within the project/task when the dash is also the segment delimiter.
 36406  Error using a dash within the project/task when the dash is also the segment delimiter.
 36509  timecard shows dates outside of timecard week
 36472  Web Apps copy to Excel is incorrect if fields have been moved in Choose Columns
36488   Previous timecards incorrectly updated as waiting on line item approval in timesheet entry.
 36443  DateTime represented by the string is not supported in calendarSystem.Globalization.GregorianCalendar when logging into web apps if Feb has 29 days
 36464  Unable to Select a subtask in timecard entry after 36210
 36419  Error converting data type nvarchar to smalldatetime in various places of web apps if region and language format is set to English (United Kingdom)
 36454  Unable to save time entries in Project flextime after application of 36210 and later hotfixes.
 36296  Users are unable to determine which days Invoice Comments and Notes we reentered for on a PFT Web Apps Timecard.
 36421  Unable to set a transaction to not billable in Web Apps expense entry
36359   Web apps project timesheet overwrites employee when saving
 34627  Slow load of web apps time entry with a lot of assignments with projectflex time (PFT) set to web enabled = true
 36279  Commitment amount in Web Apps Project Analyst is not correct.  It doesn't match the commitment amount in Task Net Profit (PA.PND.00).
 36280  Account Subaccount validation not working properly in Web Apps
 30568  Add support to the Project Timesheet Entry web application for Project Timesheet with Rate/Amt Entry
 35429  Refactor Budget Revisions to be like rich client screens
 35859  Support small devices for grid screens by adding a responsive form view
 35860  Access to the Project Timecard and Project Expense report for Approvers (in Approval screens).
 35870  Fields do not stay highlighted in blue when data is changed in a field and then you tab to the next field
 35877  Project description not there on Edit of a timecard when 'Available for All Employees to Charge' is disabled in the project
35883   Inconsistent (xxxxx id VS Name/description) display throughout Web Apps
 35916  “The database you are trying to log into does not support web apps” when trying to log into Web Apps
 29041  Project Analyst slow to load with large number of projects
 32223  Project Communicator has been updated to show more information when viewing messages
 34414  With Auto Started Allocations checked, if Timecards are approved in Web Apps, records are inserted into pjtranwk, but they are not allocated
 34573  Login Access Rights Failure 14054 - MM/DD/YYYY is not a valid weekending date.  Week ending dates can be setup using Week Maintenance
 35999  Error in Web Apps saving a project expense report when status AP checkbox is unchecked on the project master record: UpdateProjectExpense ItemNotFoundException   SM~~9~~Dynamics SL Message 9: Item not found, please reenter.~~~~PJExpDet.Project
 36010  Zero cost items error only allows you to click No in Item Request Entry
 36011  IR Number lookup in Item Request Entry sorts from oldest to newest
 36014  Dynamics SL Message 10273: Employee E01182 is not associated with current Dynamics SL when trying to view attachment if expense does not have a project/task
 36034  Zero timecard detail lines are being deleted even though the 'Timecard PFT: Clean up zero hour detail lines' is set to NEVER
 36100  In web apps, account and subaccount lookups show all accounts when'Validate Account/Subaccount' is enabled
 36106  Server error when doing account lookup for Services for Project SM~~16302~~Dynamics SL Message 16302: Fatal SQL Error~~~~ -> The column 'Acct' was specified multiple times for 'Paging CTE'
 36124  When you set the hire date in employee resource maintenance web apps still shows the last 20 time periods regardless of the hire date- BP looks at the hire date to determine what weekending dates to show.
 36159  Third party products cannot login to web Services if called with WindowsLogin() and.OnBehalfOf = ""
 36163  Billable column still shows in web apps when Allow Non-Billable is set to Not Used – Hide
36173   SM~~9~~Dynamics SL Message 9: Item not found, please reenter when logging into web apps if number of companies is a multiple of 20
 35761  Project Maintenance Delete - asks if you want to delete page not project
 35836  Sequence contains no matching element' error when trying to enter a Timecard Entry line note
 35791  Unable to create a duplicate Timecard for a different period
 36174  Input of overtime hours (OT1 and OT2) should NOT reduce regular hours. Add an optional way to handle this
 25776  User can't get to rejected timecard if the Period Ending date falls outside of the displayed open timecard setting. Change Timecard PFT to select an existing period.
 35691  Project and task delimiters do not show in web apps
 35721  Add ‘Hours to Complete’ in project PFT time entry
 35927  Update Customer Web Service to have paging
 35874  Edit button remains disabled when clicking on an existing timecard line with zero hours
 35938  Payroll/Advanced Payroll Timecard pages - add detail grid
 36008  Adding Paging to Project Expense Web App Detail Lines
 36009  Adding Paging to Project PFT Timecard Web App Detail Line
 36209  Users in the SL Administrators Group post time and expense approvals through the system even though their secondary group doesn't allow (NOPOST) it
 36176  Procedure or function 'WSL_ExpenseDetailDescriptions' expects parameter '@parm4', which was not supplied. Saving attachments to an expense report without project/task and saving the line item
 36139  Unable to page to second page of tasks in web apps expense entry
 36180  An expense report Entered in Web Apps, Rejected in MSDSL Rich Client, Edited and resubmitted in Web Apps, Final approval/Posting in MSDSL Rich Client sends incorrect transactions to GL
36145   In web apps, Account/Subaccount description does not show on the Item request (RQ.100.00) screen with Validate Account/Subaccount combinations enabled
 36157  Time and Expense Line Items could not be approved after 36143
 36134  Reports FAIL when there is no SO Setup record and or a PO setup record.
 36117  Unable to select a project or task in Web Apps Time entry if the project or task is on the second page, third page etc. of the PV list.
 36143  Allow creation of Project Timecard records in Web Services for other employees if called with Login methods with Initialization Mode = True
 36116  Error 'This Field is Read Only' when a timecard is approved that was entered in web apps for OT2.
 36103  "Another process has updated the table.  The system will automatically cancel your changes."
 35623  Resource Planning Web Apps should disallow changes to planning hours in past periods
 35709  Resource Planning by Project: the look up for Task does not work.
 36019  Resource Planning By Project OR Resource has errors when save several line changes to Resource Assigned grid.
 36050  If a timecard had a period with more than ten days, any day past the tenth would crash when attaching a note.
 36040  The Billable status for Timecards and Expense Entries can now be updated from the Line Item Approval screen.
 36039  Task look up in web expense entry was returning task assignments for other employees other than the logged in employee.
 35638  SL2015 CU1 Beta - Assignment Summary screen shows time in the From Date/Through Date fields
 35961  No fields were loaded from report format error when processing report



Hotfix information for Microsoft Dynamics SL

A supported hotfix is now available from Microsoft. However, this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article. Apply this hotfix only to systems that are experiencing this specific problem. This hotfix might receive additional testing. Therefore, if you are not severely affected by this problem, we recommend that you wait for the next Microsoft Dynamics SL Service Pack that contains this hotfix as specified in the "Status" section in this article.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps

Note If additional issues occur or any troubleshooting is required, you might have to create a separate service request. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for this specific hotfix. To create a separate service request, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

File information

The English version of this hotfix has the file attributes (or later file attributes) that are listed in the following table. The dates and times for these files are listed in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). When you view the file information, it is converted to local time. To find the difference between UTC and local time, use the Time Zone tab in the Date and Time item in Control Panel.

Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 Web Apps


 Changed Files Date   File Version
AdditionalInfo.vbhtml 26-Oct-2018  
AddressInfo.vbhtml 23-Nov-2018  
ApprovalDetailBudgetRevision.vbhtlm#3 7-Sep-2018  
ApprovalDetailExpense.vbhtml 25-Oct-2019  
ApprovalDetailInvoice.vbhtml 7-Sep-2018  
 ApprovalDetailTimecard.vbhtml   25-Oct-2019  
 Approvals.vbhtml  23-Nov-2018  
Base-valid.css 07-Sep-2018  
 BillingDetailInquiry.rdl   21-Dec-2016  
Black-valid.css 07-Sep-2018  
 Comments.vbhtml   8-May-2017  
CustomerMaint.vbhtml 7-Aug-2018  
Custom-valid.css 07-Sep-2018  
 DetailComment.vbhtml  10-Feb-2017  
 Details.vbhtml  06-Jul-2018  
DynamicsSL-valid.css 07-Sep-2018  
EmployeeResource.vbhtml 18-Jan-2019  
EmployeeResourceAttachment.vbhtml 28-Sep-2018  
EmployeeTab.vbhtml 23-Nov-2018  
EmpPosRateAttachment.vbhtml 28-Sep-2018  
 ExpenseGrid.vbhtml   09-Jul-2019  
 ExpenseReport.rdl   22-Dec-2017  
Footer.vbhtml 16-Mar-2018  
Gray-valid.css 07-Sep-2018  
Grid.css 01-Dec-2017  
Grid.js 25-Oct-2010  
 HeaderComment.vbhtml   10-Feb-2017  
 HelpRMPAD.vbhtml  14-Apr-2017  
 HelpRMPAI.vbhtml  14-Apr-2017  
 HelpRMPLP.vbhtml   14-Apr-2017  
 HelpRMPLR.vbhtml  14-Apr-2017  
HelpTMLIA.vbhtml 25-Oct-2019  
 HelpTMTCE.vbhtml  11-May-2018  
 HelpTMTEE.vbhtml  28-Mar-2017  
 HistoryDayDetail.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
 HistoryEntryHeader.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
 HistoryEntryLines.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
 HistoryList.vbhtml   07-Sep-2018  
InventoryItemLookup.vbhtml 26-Oct-2018  
 InvoiceComments.vbhtml  8-May-2017  
InvoiceCommentsPopup.vbhtml 6-Jun-2018  
InvoiceInquiry.rdl 01-Dec-2017  
ItemRequest.js 26-Oct-2018 22-Dec-2017  
 LineApproval.vbhtml  22-Nov-2019  
 Login.vbhtml  7-Aug-2018  
LoginTimeout.fbhtml 23-Feb-2018  
LookupsPartial.vbhtml 21-Dec-2018  
 Menu.js  07-Sep-2018  
 Menu.vbhtml  06-Jul-2018  
 Messages.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
MicrosoftDynamicsSLWebApps.pdf 25-Oct-2019  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.dll 30-Aug-2019  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.CommonModel.dll  10-Feb-2017  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.Communicator.dll  10-Feb-2017  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.Customer.dll 28-Sep-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.Delegation.dll 13-Feb-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.dll   6-Jun-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.EmployeePositionRate.dll 28-Sep-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.EmployeeResource.dll 18-Jan-2019  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ItemRequest.dll  27-Jan-2020  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ItemRequestApproval.dll 28-Sep-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.MDTMTCEModel.dll 15-Feb-2019  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.MDTMTEEModel.dll   20-Jan-2017  


 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectApproval.dll  25-Oct-2019  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectCommon.dll 28-Jul-2017    
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectExpense.dll   07-Jun-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectMaint.dll 26-Oct-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectMaint.dll   21-Dec-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectTimecard.dll  27-Jan-2020  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ProjectTimesheet.dll   30-Aug-2019  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.QuickQuery.dll   06-Jul-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ResourcePlanning.dll   15-Feb-2019  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.resources.dll   16-Jun-2017  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ResBudgetVsPlan.dll 11-May-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ResBudgetVsPlanDet.dll 11-May-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ResPlanVsActual.dll  14-Apr-2017  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ResPlanVsActualDet.dll  26-May-2017  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.ROI.dll 13-Feb-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.UtilizationGoal.dll 28-Sep-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.UtilizationPeriod.dll 28-Sep-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.UtilizationTypeMaint.dll 28-Sep-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Mobile.VendorMaint.dll 23-Nov-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.dll   27-Jan-2020  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.AdvancedTimecard.dll 11-May-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.Communicator.dll   21-Dec-2016  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.ItemRequest.dll   7-Aug-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.Project.dll   26-Oct-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.ProjectEmployee.dll   16-Mar-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.ProjectExpense.dll    6-Jun-2018  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.ProjectResourceAssignment.dll   21-Dec-2016  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Webservices.ProjectExpense.dll   15-Feb-2019  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Webservices.ProjectTimecard.dll   30-Aug-2019  
 Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.Webservices.ProjectTimesheet.dll   23-Nov-2018  
Microsoft.Dynamics.SL.WebServices.ROI.dll 28-Jul-2017    
 MicrosoftDynamicsSLWebApps.pdf  28-Mar-2017  
 MyAssignments.vbhtml   25-Oct-2019  
 OutstandingList.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
 PayrollEmployee.js  30-Aug-2019  
 PeriodDayDetail.vbhtml   8-May-2017  
 PeriodEntry.vbhtml   08-Sep-2017  
 PeriodEntryHeader.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
Periods.vbhtml 16-Mar-2018  
 PeriodWeekDetail.vbhtml   8-May-2017  
ProjectAdd.vbhtlml 21-Dec-2018  
ProjectAddresses.vbhtml 21-Dec-2018  
 ProjectComments.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
 ProjectEdit.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
 ProjectExpenseController.vb   21-Dec-2016  
 ProjectExpenseUiHelper.vb   21-Dec-2016  
 ProjectList.rdl   21-Dec-2016  
ProjectMax.vbhtml 7-Aug-2018  
 ProjectNetProfit.rdl   21-Dec-2016  
 ProjectTask.vbhtml   26-Oct-2018  
ProjectTaskEdit.vbhtml 26-Oct-2018  
ProjectTaskPFT.vbhtml 01-Dec-2017  
ProjectTeam.vbhtml 21-Dec-2018  
 ProjectTimecardService.vb   21-Dec-2016  
 ProjectTimecardUIHelper.vb   21-Dec-2016  
 projEmpInfo.vb   21-Dec-2016  
PVPartial.vbhtml 21-Dec-2018  
qq.js 06-Jul-2018  
QuickSend.vbhtml 21-Dec-2018  
QuickSendList.vbhtml 21-Dec-2018  
 ResourceAssignment.vbhtml   21-Dec-2016  
 ResourceAssignmentAdd.vbhtml  8-May-2017  
 ResourcePlanning.js   26-May-2017  
 ResourcePlanningByProject.vbhtml  01-Jan-2017  
ResourcePlanningByResource.vbhtml 23-Nov-2017  
 Resources.Designer.vb   21-Dec-2016  
 Resources.resx.vb   21-Dec-2016  
ResBudgetvsPlan.vbhtml 27-Sep-2019  
ResBudgetvsPlanDet.vbhtml 25-Oct-2019  
 ResGoalVsActual.vbhtml  27-Sep-2019  
 ResGoalVsActualrev.vbhtml 27-Sep-2019  
 ResGoalVsPlan.vbhtml 27-Sep-2019  
ResPlanVsActual.vbhtml 27-Sep-2019  
 ResPlanVsActualDet.vbhtml  27-Sep-2019  
 ResPlanVsActualDetTot.vbhtml  27-Sep-2019  
 ResPlanVsActualTot.vbhtml  14-Apr-2017  
 Site.css   06-Jul-2018  
 Site.js   30-Aug-2019  
 SummaryPFT.vbhtml   23-Feb-2018  
 TaskNetProfit.rdl    21-Dec-2016  
TimecardReport.rdl   21-Dec-2016  
 Timecardsettings.png   20-Oct-2017  
 TimesheetHeader.vbhtml  25-Oct-2019  
 TransactionDetail.rdl   21-Dec-2016  
UtilizationGoalAttachment.vbhtml 28-Sep-2018  
UtilizationPeriodAttachment.vbhtml 28-Sep-2018  
UtilizationTypeAttachment.vbhtml 28-Sep-2018  
VendorTab.vbhtml 23-Nov-2018  
Web.config 09-Jul-2019  
WebApplicationsConfigConsole.exe 6-Jun-2018  
 WebApps2.01_App.sql 25-Oct-2019  
 WebApps2.01_Sys.sql 25-Oct-2019  


Installation information

Install this hotfix by following the installation instructions that are included in the hotfix download.


For information about the prerequisites for this hotfix, refer to the installation instructions that are included in the hotfix download.

Restart requirement

If you are prompted, restart the computer after you install the hotfix.

Removal information

You cannot remove this hotfix.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.

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