Removing the Intune subscription in Configuration Manager doesn't stop communication with the Intune Service


In System Center Configuration Manager current branch versions 1602 and 1606, you delete the Microsoft Intune Subscription from a site by using the Configuration Manager Console. After you do this, the CloudDMP replication group remains enabled, and CloudUserSync continues to try to license users. Additionally, the following message is logged in the Cloudusersync.log file:

HasIntuneSubscription: Site has no Intune subscription

However, if there is telemetry remaining to be sent, the service connection point tries to send it every hour. Each time, Intune forcibly closes the connection, which causes the following error to be logged in the dmpuploader.log file:

ERROR: UploadTelemetryData exception:


To work around this issue, set the following registry key:

Registry location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_DMP_UPLOADER
DWORD name: UploadInterval
DWORD value: 7fffffff

This setting makes the uploader sleep for 4,000 years. However, it will still try to upload every time that the DmpUploader service is restarted.