Use a MiniBraille braille display with Narrator

Van toepassing: Windows 10

Narrator supports the following MiniBraille displays in the Windows 10 Creators Update. To learn more about braille in Narrator, see Chapter 7: Using braille with Narrator.

For a list of all supported braille displays, see Appendix D: Supported braille displays.

Supported MiniBraille braille displays

All Models

Use the following commands with Narrator when using your MiniBraille model.

Narrator action

Display buttons

Primary action
  • F1 + Up, Center
Secondary action
  • F1+ Down, F2
  • Center
Show context menu
  • F1+ Down, F1
  • Center
Pan braille right
  • F1 + Down, Right
Pan braille left
  • F1 + Down, Left
Braille home
  • F2, Left
Braille end
  • F2, Right
Braille next
  • Down
Braille previous
  • Up
Braille first
  • F2, F1
  • F2, Up
Braille last
  • F2, F2
  • F2, Down
Select navigation mode
  • Down
Start text selection at specified character
  • Car + F1, Up
End text selection and copy to clipboard
  • Car + F1, Right
Paste from clipboard at cursor point
  • Car + F1, Left

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