Visual Studio Subscriptions: Administrator Migration - Process

Migration Process Overview

A new Visual Studio Subscription Management portal is now available for Volume Licensing customers. The transition to the new subscriptions management portal is made in two phases, onboarding and migration. The onboarding phase is described in detail in this article. When the final phase (i.e. migration) is complete, Administrators are enabled to manage your organization’s Visual Studio Subscriptions at, by unlocking user benefits, services, support, and more.

    What Are the Stages of the Onboarding Process?

    • Sign In using the invitation email. An email is sent to the Primary and Notices Contacts inviting them to complete the onboarding process. The Primary and Notices Contact will then need to provide the PCN (located in VLSC) and Sign In, using the unique link provided in the invitation email they receive.

    • Setting Up Administrators. The Primary and Notices contacts are automatically set up as Super Admins and can further manage the list of Administrators (previously known as Subscription Administrators). Ideally, this should be completed prior to your organization's migration date so you don't have any interruption in managing your subscriptions.

    • Accessing the new subscription management portal. Once your organization is migrated, emails will be sent to the "Super Admins" and "Administrators" inviting them to access the new portal (, and begin managing subscriptions.

    • Refer to How to Start the Onboarding section below for instructions on the process.

    How to Start the Onboarding

    1. The Primary or Notices Contact can start the onboarding process for their organization.

    Click the Get Started button in the invitation email received. The Sign In page is displayed.

    Invitation email sent to Primary/ Notices Contacts


    • For those of you that are administrators, you may want to let your Primary or Notices Contacts know that this email will be coming to them. If you don't know who your Primary or Notices Contact is, refer to Visual Studio Subscriptions: Administrator Migration - Primary Contact article.
    • If the Primary or Notices Contacts receive more than one email, this means that they have more than one Public Customer Number (PCN). They will need to complete the process using the unique link for the PCN referenced in each email.

    2. Enter your email address when prompted. Once the email address is validated, you'll be directed to the appropriate portal in order to start the onboarding process.

    • If your organization is using Azure Active Directory (AAD), you have to use your work/ school account.

    • If your organization is using Personal Accounts (aka Microsoft Accounts), you have to use that email address instead.

    Enter Work/ School Account or Microsoft Account

    3. Once on the landing page, an overview of the 3-step process you need to complete is displayed.

    Depending on your sign in requirements, an option to switch to a Personal Account (aka Microsoft Account) is also available.

    Click Next.

    Welcome to the new Subscriptions Administration Portal

    4. Enter your PCN in the pop-up window and then click Next. This will set your account with Super Admin rights.

    Enter your PCN

    • In order to obtain the entire PCN, the Primary Contact will need to sign in to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).
    • For more details on locating the PCN and how-to screenshots, refer to the VLSC or FAQs links provided in this pop-up window.

    5. Manage administrators in the Manage Administrators screen.

    Manage Administrators