Visual Studio Subscriptions: Administrator Migration - Agreements

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What will happen with renewing customers?

The actual migration date for a customer agreement to be migrated, will consider its renewal date and will not be migrated within 30 days of the renewal date. Therefore, renewing customers can and should continue to process their renewal, without any dependencies to the migration.

Should my organization wait to set up a new agreement in the new system, rather than renew an existing agreement?

No, this migration process has nothing to do with renewing or agreement creation.

What if my organization's agreement is in the grace period during the transition? Will they also be migrated?

If the agreement is still active, it will be migrated.

What if our agreement is not in the grace period and is expired? Will we still be able to renew? Will our subscription information still be migrated?

If your agreement expired in May 2016 or later, your organization can still renew. Your subscription information will still be migrated and available in the new portal.

What if my organization has over claimed in the current system? Will we still be migrated to the new system?

Yes, your organization will still be migrated to the new system. The ability to over claim will also exist in the new system.

Need Help?

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