Sign In with "Work or School" Account and "Personal" Microsoft Account

SCENARIO:  Some subscribers may encounter a situation where their organization has an Azure Active Directory, but the Subscriber may not have an Azure Active Directory Account.  In this case, the Subscriber may be required to leverage the "personal" options exposed during the sign in process.

Target Audience:

  • New "Company Based" Subscribers
  • New "Company Based" Subscribers who were recently migrated to but didn't Activate

Steps for Successful Sign-In: "Work or School" and "Personal" Options

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the email address that was assigned the new Visual Studio subscription
    • Note:  This address is also identified in the subscriber "Welcome Letter"
    • Note:  Please check "Spam" folders if the "Welcome Letter" was not received
  3. Click "Continue"
  4. Redirected to a "Decision Page"
    • Select "Work or school account":  If the Subscription is associated with a "Work or School" account associated with an Azure Active Directory (AAD) tenant.
    • Select "Personal":  If the Subscription is associated with a "Corporate" email address, but has also been converted to a "Personal" Microsoft Account (MSA).
      • Note:  Many users who have used Visual Studio Subscriptions (formerly MSDN) for some time tend to fall here.
    • Note:  If one pathway fails, try the other.  Subscription Administrators may have changed.
  5. Enter "Password".
  6. Click "Sign in".
  7. At this point, the "Benefits" page should be displayed.

Validating Subscription Benefits

  1. At the top of in the "Blue Ribbon" subscribers can see the "Subscription Level" being displayed.
    • Example:  "Showing:  Visual Studio Dev Essentials"
    • Example:  "Showing:  Visual Studio Enterprise with MSDN"
  2. If a Subscriber has more than one subscription, the drop down arrow can be leveraged to change the view.
  3. If "Dev Essentials" is the only subscription level shown, the Subscriber may have logged into the wrong account.
    • Subscribers can reference the "Welcome Mail" for the correct email address.
    • Subscribers who have used Visual Studio Subscriptions (formerly MSDN) may need to log in with the "personal" sign in path.