Exchange Online Starter Kit Consultation

Build your Exchange Online knowledge through personalized technical guidance to help with customer deployments and get answers to specific scenarios. As a perfect follow-up from the Introduction to Exchange Online training, this starter kit will build on your foundational knowledge and go deeper into specific topics that can help you with potential deployments.

Get one-one help from a Partner Technical Consultant regarding Exchange Online identity management, security and compliance, migration, product demos, and more.

: To achieve the best outcome, it is recommended to attend the Introduction to Exchange Online technical training prior to requesting the starter kit consultation.

Request a consultation

Maximize your Microsoft Partner Network technical presales and deployment benefits to request this technical consultation or use a Cloud Consult from your purchased support plan to receive additional benefits, including request prioritization, coordination from your support Account Manager and a recommended implementation plan.

Using MPN benefits Using Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners benefits

Cost: Partner advisory hours*

*Partners will be charged per hour, charge will cap at 5 hours

To submit a request, log in to the MPN portal. Once submitted, you will receive a phone call from a Microsoft partner technical consultant to schedule your consultation within four business hours.

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Cost: (1) Cloud Consult

Contact your support Account Manager to request the consultation.

Your support Account Manager will coordinate scheduling you with a Microsoft partner technical consultant.