Can you use Banked paycodes with Project Accounting?

Applies to: Dynamics GP 2010Dynamics GP 2013Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015


Is there a way to use 'Banked' paycodes in Canadian Payroll with Project Timesheet entry?


Currently there is not a way for Project Accounting to see/allow the user to use Banked Paycodes (such as Banked overtime pay or 'BOT') in Canadian Payroll.  However, you can use the following workaround to get this to work:


1. Synchronize CDN Payroll to the US Payroll (Tools | Utilities | Payroll-Canada | Import and Export | Fill U.S. Payroll Files button)

2. Then go into US Payroll,  and create a Paycode (with the same paycode name) within US Payroll for the Banked paycode. Assign it a pay rate, etc so that the project will get updated with the correct costs.  (Tools | Setup | Payroll | Paycode)

3. Assign the US Paycode to the employee.  (Cards | Payroll | Employee).  This US Paycode will now appear in the list of Paycodes that could be used in timesheets.

Overall, the banked paycode is not really an income type paycode, but it seems that when you post that entry, and put it into a CDN Payroll batch, that CDN Payroll recognizes it for what it really should be on the Canadian Payroll side and handles it properly.


The Fill U.S. Payroll tables does not write 'banked' paycodes to the U.S. Tables. 

However, the 'Relief' paycode is an 'income' type paycode and not a banked paycode, so the US Payroll synchronization will touch this code.  Be aware that it will overwrite the US Paycode and may not update the fields correctly.   US Payroll doesn't have any functionality for banked paycodes, so it does not update correctly.   There is no work-around for this income type paycode.  You may need to explore a customization to get around this.