Virtual Disk GUI in Server Manager displays no Layout and "UNKNOWN" Provisioning with tiered virtual disks in Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server Version 1709

Gilt für: Windows Server version 1709Windows Server version 1803Windows Server 2016


When you create tiered virtual disks in Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server Version 1709, the Virtual Disks GUI in Server Manager displays an empty or blank status type in the Layout column and an UNKNOWN in the Provisioning column.

Also, if you run the Get-VirtualDisk | fl PowerShell cmdlet, the result lists no configuration for ProvisioningType and ResiliencySettingName. These fields are blank in the PowerShell output.
For example, assume that you create a virtual disk that has the following parameters:
  • Create storage tiers on this virtual disk is checked.
  • Storage Layout is Mirror.
  • Provisioning Type is Fixed.
You expect the Get-VirtualDisk | fl PowerShell cmdlet to include these values in the output.
ProvisioningType : Fixed
ResiliencySettingName : Mirror


Multi-resilient tiers are supported in Windows Server 2016. Therefore, the provisioning type is tier-specific and will not display for the virtual disk. For the virtual disk, the provisioning and resiliency (layout) properties will be blanked out.


To work around this issue, query the storage tier to determine the resiliency and provisioning information. For tiered virtual disks, use the following cmdlet:

Get-VirtualDisk -FriendlyName "Name of virtual disk" | Get-StorageTier | fl

For non-tiered virtual disks use the Get-VirtualDisk | fl cmdlet.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in the Microsoft products that are listed in the "Applies to" section.