Azure IaaS Starter Kit Consultation

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Get the help you need to start a new cloud practice or expand to new Azure workloads during this one-on-one consultation. You’ll receive customized guidance and introductory training on the fundamentals of Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

During the technical consultation with a Microsoft expert, you can expect to:

  • Receive instruction on virtual machines, site recovery, back-up and other foundational topics

  • Define the costs and architecture of your cloud solution

  • Use these materials as the foundation of your deployment plan


Recommendation: To achieve the best outcome, it is recommended you attend the Introduction to Microsoft Azure IaaS or Introduction to Azure Site Recovery & Backup technical trainings prior to requesting this starter kit consultation.

Request a consultation

Maximize your Microsoft Partner Network technical presales and deployment benefits to request this technical consultation or use a Cloud Consult from your purchased support plan to receive additional benefits, including request prioritization, coordination from your support Account Manager and a recommended implementation plan.

Using MPN benefits Using Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners benefits

Cost: Partner advisory hours*

*Partners will be charged per hour, charge will cap at 5 hours

To submit a request, log in to the MPN portal. Once submitted, you will receive a phone call from a Microsoft partner technical consultant to schedule your consultation within four business hours.

     Submit a request

Cost: (1) Cloud Consult

Contact your support Account Manager to request the consultation.

Your support Account Manager will coordinate scheduling you with a Microsoft partner technical consultant.