Support policy for Citrix services on Azure

Q: What is the support policy for using Citrix services on Azure?

Microsoft will provide support for Azure Platform and Services only. Support for Citrix Services will be provided directly by Citrix. For more information about Azure support, see Azure support plans.

For more information about Citrix Support, see the following:

XenDesktop Support
XenApp Support

Customers can initiate joint troubleshooting between Microsoft and Citrix if they are entitled to support from both companies.

Q: How can customers get support from Citrix?

Support for Citrix services are provided directly by Citrix. Before contacting Citrix Support, please have the required support information ready to provide for Citrix to assist you quickly.

Q: How long does it take for deployment to complete within Citrix Cloud?

It can take up to 4 hours. If the deployment is still pending after 4 hours, please open a support ticket with Citrix, following the steps mentioned above. In your correspondence with Citrix Support, reference Azure XenDesktop Essential Provisioning, and include the required support information.

Q: What is the support policy for XenApp trial?

XenApp Trial is not a formally supported product. Please contact Citrix directly at for best effort support directly from Citrix.