How to disable Windows Creators Update notice for users

Taikoma: Windows Server 2016Windows 10


A message similar to the following may be displayed in Windows Update settings on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. This article describes how to prevent display of this message to your users.

Windows Creators Update offering message in Windows Update

Note Although the Windows Creators Update Setup program can be started on Windows Server 2016, the installation will fail because the update does not apply to Windows Server 2016.

More information

This message notifies Windows users that Windows Creators Edition is available through Windows Update. But enterprises may want to control when their users update to the new release.

Disable the Creators Update notification

To disable this notification, use the following registry subkey:


  • Type:Reg_dword
  • Value Name:HideMCTLink
  • Data:1

A value of 1 disables the notification.

A value of 0 enables the notification.