Using Electronic reporting (GER) for a new format entry, you can select a data model root element that has not been used for creation of a model mapping yet


Electronic reporting (GER) allows to manage a model configuration that can be used as a data source for generation of electronic documents. Each data model can contain multiple root elements. Each root element specifies a unique data flow for using model that may require when a model is used in different business processes for generation of specific electronic documents. To specify a data flow for a single root element of a data model, a single model mapping must be configured.

When you create a new GER format for generation of electronic documents, you must select a desire data model along with its root element to explicitly define the desired data source. Currently, for the selected data model you can select the only root element to which a model mapping has been already created. You can’t design your report with using a data model’s root element which has no model mapping yet.

To work around this issue, you may create a new model mapping for the desired root element to pass a new format creation step. Then, this model mapping can be deleted since it is not needed at the design time and will be required at run-time only when you run your format for generation of electronic documents.


The changes in the hotfix contain the code modification that modifies the logic of model’s root elements offering at a new format entry stage. With this fix, all root elements of selected data model are offered at a new format entry stage when there are no model mappings available for selected data model. Only having model mapping’s root elements are offered at a new format entry stage when there is at least one model mapping available for selected data model.

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