How to get the Shift Code to work in Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Se aplica a: Dynamics GP 2013Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015Dynamics GP 2016


I created a Shift Code, and entered an Add-on code for $1.00, and assigned the shift code to the employee's paycode. However, when I process a Payroll Payrun, the shift code premium is not added in to the pay rate, and the premium amount is not updated in the UPR41500 table.   How do you get the shift code to work in Payroll?


Security for the Shift Code Setup window options include the Microsoft Dynamics GP window and the HRM Solution Series option. 

When you have HRM/Payroll Extensions installed, it automatically takes over the security to the Shift Code Setup window and replaces the bottom of the window with the 'Add-On code' field used with Overtime Rate Manager (Payroll Extensions).   If you are not using Overtime Rate Manager (ORM) and just want to use the shift code with a paycode in Payroll, you can set security back to the 'Microsoft Dynamics GP' window.  Follow the steps below. 

1.  Set Security back as follows: 
     a. Go to Tools | Setup | System | Alternate/Modified forms and reports. 
     b. Select:
        All Products
     c.  Expand Payroll
     d. Expand Shift Code Setup
     e. Mark Microsoft Dynamics GP option
     f. Save. 
2. Set up the shift code:
     a.  Go to Tools | Setup | Payroll | Shift Code. 
     b.  Enter the Shift Premium by Amount or Percent as needed, and enter the amount or percent. 
     c.  Save. 
3.  Assign the Shift Code to a Paycode:  
     a. Go to Cards | Payroll | Paycode
     b. Select the Employee ID and Paycode. 
     c. Select the shift code.  Save. 
     d.  You are prompted "Do you want to roll down this shift code change to all of this employee's pay codes that are based on this pay code?"   Click Yes or No as desired.   Enter a reason code if prompted. 
4.  Enter a transaction for the employee using the paycode under Transactions | Payroll | Transaction
  • Note the pay rate from the Base paycode is displayed on the transaction. 
  • Expand the transaction to view the Shift Code and the Shift Premium amount in the line details. 
  • Save the payroll batch. 
5.  Build and calculate the payrun, and on the PreCheck report, you will see the Pay Rate now consists of the Base pay rate and the Shift Premium.