Troubleshooting startup issues in PowerApps Web Authoring

Applies to: Power Apps


This troubleshooting guide helps fix the following two common configuration problems that prevent PowerApps Web Authoring from starting:

  • You receive a “Hmmm … We couldn’t sign you in” error message and identifier that resembles the following image:

  • When you try to create an app from a SharePoint list, you receive the following Web Authoring "abnormal termination" error message:


If you experience one of the issues that's described in this section, check out the common errors matrix, below, and then try Resolution 1, Resolution 2, or Resolution 3 to resolve the problem.

Common error matrix

Error identifier

Internet Explorer 11





Enable storage of local data

Enable storage of local data

Enable storage of local data


Possible network problem

Configure Trust Zones

Possible network problem


Configure Trust Zones

Configure Trust Zones

Not applicable


Configure Trust Zones

Configure Trust Zones

Not applicable


Azure Active Directory Errors

Resolution 1: Enable storage of local data in your browser

PowerApps Web Authoring stores some data locally in your browser, including user identity and preferences. PowerApps Web Authoring can’t function if the browser is configured to disallow this.

Resolution 2: Configure Trust Zones for Internet Explorer and Edge

Internet Explorer and Edge use Trust Zones. Problems can occur if services on which PowerApps Web Authoring relies are in different Trust Zones in your browser settings. While these settings apply to both Internet Explorer and Edge, the easiest way to access them is from Internet Explorer. (You might need assistance from your IT administrator to change some of these settings.)

Resolution 3: Azure Active Directory Errors

Azure Active Directory (AAD) is the technology on which the PowerApps ecosystem relies for user authentication and authorization.

The error page that you see might contain additional information that can help diagnose and fix the problem.

Note To resolve ADD errors, you might need assistance from your IT department.

About PowerApps Web Authoring

PowerApps Web Authoring is the tool that lets you author and edit your PowerApps applications on the web. When you use the PowerApps Web Authoring tool, the address bar in your browser will show text like “” and may also include a region code, such as in “”.