Set up and use Kid's Corner

Applies to: Windows 10

Set up Kid's Corner

Kid's Corner is a place on your Windows 10 phone where your child can play with games, apps, music, and videos that you add there.

  • On Start , swipe over to the App list, select Settings > Accounts > Kid's Corner, and then select Next.
  • Select Games, Music, Videos, or Apps, choose the items you want, and then select Done.
  • When you're finished adding things, select Next.
  • If your phone doesn't already have a lock screen password, set one if you want to ensure that your child can't get to your Start screen. Select Set password, type your password, and then select Done.
  • Select Finish to leave setup and open Kid's Corner.
  • Change the selections in Kid's Corner at any time by going to Settings > Accounts > Kid's Corner. If you think you'll be changing Kid's Corner often, just pin it to Start.

Use Kid's Corner

  • To get to Kid's Corner, swipe over from the lock screen, then swipe up. Or go to Settings  > Accounts > Kid's Corner, and then select Launch Kid's Corner.
  • Your kids can now use the apps you added. They can also select Customize to choose a new name or accent color, and even resize and move the tiles.
  • To leave Kid's Corner, press the phone's power button. Press it again to go back to the main lock screen.