Microsoft AC power cord recall for eligible Surface Pro devices

Applies to: Surface DevicesSurface

We’re recalling and replacing the Microsoft AC power cord for the original Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and certain Surface Pro 3 devices. We have details for you about what devices are included in the recall and, if your Surface Pro power cord is eligible, how to order a free replacement.

Here's the power cord we're replacing

AC power cord

We’re replacing the removable cord that connects the power supply to an electrical outlet.

Power supply for comparison

The power supply unit is not included in the recall and replacement offer.

Surface Pro power cord
Surface Pro power supply with an attached power cord


Order a replacement power cord

If your Surface Pro power cord is affected by the recall, the fastest way to get a replacement is to order online. Go to AC Power Cord, sign in with your Microsoft account, and then follow the steps to complete the process.


Surface for business

Surface for Business customers who are placing bulk orders should contact us. There will be no charges for replacement AC cords for your eligible Surface devices.


Parts eligible for replacement

This recall applies to AC power cords for these devices sold before March 15, 2015:

  • Original Surface Pro 
  • Surface Pro 2 
  • Surface Pro 3

This recall doesn't apply to these devices:

  • Surface Pro 3 models sold after March 15, 2015
  • Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro Model 1796, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, and Surface Studio
  • Docking Station for Surface Pro 1, Docking Station for Surface Pro 2, Docking Station for Surface Pro 3, and Surface Dock
  • Any 3rd party or non-Microsoft power supplies

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