Listen to radio and podcasts with Cortana

Applies to: Cortana

Cortana works with TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio so you can play your favorite radio stations and keep up with the latest podcasts. If you're not sure what you want to listen to, Cortana can find radio stations in your area and podcasts relevant to your interests with these voice commands.

Listen to the radio:

  • Play 90.3
  • Play KEXP
  • Play a classical station

Get the latest news: 

  • Play CNN
  • Read CNN News

Listen to a podcast:

  • Play Radiolab 
  • Play a science podcast
  • Play a comedy podcast
  • Read me the top news from CNN

Control when you listen:

  • Pause podcast
  • Resume podcast


To listen to a radio station, you’ll need to download the TuneIn Radio app or iHeartRadio app:

  1. Navigate to TuneIn Radio or iHeartRadio in the Microsoft Store.
  2. Select Get the app to download it.


TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio come with your speaker. Just use the commands above to play any podcast or radio station you like.