Microsoft Edge incorrectly positions pop-up windows near the upper-left corner of the main browser window

Applies to: Microsoft Edge


Assume that you design a webpage to put pop-up windows in a fixed location on the screen. When a user uses Microsoft Edge to view the webpage, pop-up windows are positioned incorrectly near the upper-left corner of the main browser window.

For example, this problem may occur if you use HTML that resembles the following:

<!DOCTYPE html><html><head>  <title>Main Page</title></head><body>    <div>      <button type="button" onclick="'', 'myPopup', 'top=100, left=100')">Click</button>    </div>  </body></html>

When this problem occurs, a pop-up window is created near the upper-left corner of the main window when a user clicks the button. You expect the pop-up window to be created in the position that is defined by the top and left coordinates in your HTML.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Microsoft Edge. We are researching this problem and will post additional information here when it is available.