Android mobile device with a physical keyboard is unable to enter Alt key values in Excel

Gilt für: Excel


This article describes an issue that prevents some Android mobile devices with a physical keyboard to use the Alt key values in Excel.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and that it is only specific to Excel. This issues does not occur in any other Office Mobile applications.

More Information

To enter ALT text from the phone’s physical keyboard, you can perform the following: 


  1. Select a cell and then select “edit” on the secondary menu that displays.

    Android Keyboard Excel

  2. Select a cell, and then tap in the formula bar to start “edit” mode.

    Android keyboard Excel

  3. Double tap on a cell to go into “edit” mode, and the formula bar becomes available




If you did not select Edit prior to typing in a cell, you can still use Alt text by holding the Alt key and then pressing the key of the Alt text you would like to enter.