"Cannot bind parameter 'ProductVersion'" error when you run New-Item cmdlet to install CAL in Windows Server 2016

Applies to: Windows Server 2016


When you try to install Client Access Licenses (CAL) for Windows Server 2016 by using the New-Item cmdlet and specify 5 as the ProductVersion parameter, the following error occurs:

PS > New-Item -path RDS:\LicenseServer\LicenseKeyPacks -InstallOption INSTALL -ConnectionMethod AUTO -LicenseType agreement -ProductVersion 5 -AgreementNumber AgreementNumber -AgreementType X -ProductType X -LicenseCount xNew-Item : Cannot bind parameter 'ProductVersion'. Cannot validate argument "5" because it does not belong to the set"0, 1, 2, 3, 4".At line:1 char:1+ New-Item -path RDS:\LicenseServer\LicenseKeyPacks -InstallOption INST ...+ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (RDS:\LicenseSer...LicenseKeyPack>:String) [New-Item], ParameterBindingExce   ption    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ArgumentError,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewItemCommand 


This error is due to a parameter check issue in the New-Item cmdlet. Installing with New-Item is no longer supported.


To resolve this issue, use the InstallAgreementLicenseKeyPack method instead of New-Item. For example:

$KeyPack = Get-WMI Win32_TSLicenseKeyPack$KPParameter = $KeyPack.GetMethodParameters("InstallAgreementLicenseKeyPack") # AgreementType:# SELECT=0, ENTERPRISE=1, CAMPUS=2, SCHOOL=3, SERVICE_PROVIDER=4, OTHER=5$KPParameter["AgreementType"] = X$KPParameter["sAgreementNumber"] = X# ProductVersion:# Win2000=0, Win2003=1, Win2008/2008R2=2, Win2012/2012R2=4, Win2016=5$KPParameter["ProductVersion"] = X# ProductType:# Per Device=0, Per User=1, Internet=2, FREE=3, VDI=4, VDIP=5, VDI Suite=6$KPParameter["ProductType"] = X# LicenseCount$KPParameter["LicenseCount"] = X# Call InstallAgreementLicenseKeyPack().$KeyPack.InvokeMethod("InstallAgreementLicenseKeyPack", $KPParameter, $null)