How to Calibrate Your Quick Turn With Microsoft Mouse

Applies to: Microsoft accessories

In games where mouse movement controls your point of view, use Quick Turn to spin your character to face in the opposite direction. To use Quick Turn, you must set up (calibrate) your mouse for use in a game.

Calibrate/Recalibrate Quick Turn

  1. In Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center, locate your device and then select Quick Turn to assign it to a button.
  2. Start a game and aim your character toward a fixed object in a game.
  3. Press and hold the button assigned to Quick Turn to begin calibration. If you have a mouse with an LCD display, the Quick Turn icon will appear in the display after about one second.
  4. Using your mouse, turn your character left or right in a full 360-degree circle. When the turn is complete, you should be aiming toward the same fixed object in the game.
  5. Release the button assigned to Quick Turn. If your mouse has an LCD display, the Quick Turn icon will turn off.

Use Quick Turn

  • Press the button you’ve assigned to Quick Turn. Your character will quickly spin in a half-circle (180 degrees).