Payment terms reporting in the British version of Dynamics NAV

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Payment practices

  1. Create Purchase Order or Invoice through document or from Purchase Journal and Payment Journal. Specify “Invoice Receipt Date” if it’s different from “Document Date”.

    Create Purchase Invoice

    Create Purchase Order

    Note: For Purchase and Payment Journal press “Choose columns” and add “Invoice Receipt Date”.

    add Invoice Receipt Date
  2. Go to CRONUS International Ltd./Departments/Administration/Application Setup/Financial Management/Finance/Payment Period Setup. See that default Payment Period Setup is defined. Modify data if you need.

    Screenshot of Payment Period Setup
  3. Go to CRONUS International Ltd./Departments/Financial Management/Payables/Reports/Payment Practices. Specify dates to analyze Vendor Ledger Entries for period. Select “Show Invoices” if you want to see invoices including into calculation.

    Print preview

    Otherwise only totals will be printed.

    Print preview 2
  4. If you want to exclude particular Vendor from calculation in report, set option “Exclude from Payment Practices Report”.

    exclude particular Vendor from calculation in report