Restore or reset Surface

Applies to: Surface DevicesSurface

If you're having trouble with your Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3, or Surface 3, you may be able to restore, refresh, or reset it to solve the problem.

Should you restore, refresh, or reset your Surface?

If your Surface isn't running as quickly or reliably as it used to, try one of these recovery options. The following table can help you decide which one to use.

Problem Try this
Your Surface isn't working well, and you recently installed an app, driver, or update. Restore from a system restore point
Your Surface isn’t working well, and it’s been a while since you installed anything new. Or, you tried a restore and it didn’t solve your problem. Refresh or reset your Surface
Your Surface won't start, and you've created a recovery drive. Use a recovery drive to reinstall Windows