How to disable the chat feature in Office Online

Applies to: Office apps for the web


During co-editing in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or OneNote in Office Online, an Office 365 tenant may request the disabling of the chat feature that's described at Office Online—chat with your co-editors in real-time for their whole tenant. To disable this chat feature tenant-wide, the Office 365 administrator must submit a support request to Microsoft. There is no capability to disable chat for a subset of the tenant.

Note for Office 365 administrators and local data residency required tenants: 

If the SharePoint datacenter is in one of the listed Office 365 geographical data residency regions, the chat feature is not available. To determine the SharePoint datacenter location, follow these steps: 

  1. Locate Microsoft 365 admin center > Settings > Organization Profile
  2. Scroll down to view Data location.

More information

To disable the Word chat feature on the tenants, Office 365 administrators must open a support request. For information about how to submit a support request, see Contact support for business products - Admin Help.