Delegate can only see free/busy information in OWA when manager is in another forest during coexistence

Applies to: Microsoft 365 Apps for enterpriseOutlook 2010Outlook 2013


Consider the following scenario:

  • A delegate creates a calendar item for a manager who is in a different forest.
  • The delegate has been granted Reviewer or Editor permissions.

In this scenario, the delegate can only see free/busy information of the calendar in OWA. Also, calendar item details are not displayed, and the delegate cannot create an item on the calendar.



This issue occurs because the delegate and manager may not have been moved to the cloud at the same time. OWA can only display calendar data through the organization relationship or sharing policy. Specific permissions that are granted to a delegate are not honored in OWA.


To resolve this issue, the delegate should use the Outlook for Windows client to view full calendar details.

If the delegate is granted Full Access permissions to the manager’s mailbox, the delegate can log on to the calendar by using an explicit URL, such as https://Target_User_OWA_URI/owa/Target_User_SMTP_Address/?path=/calendar.