Adopting CSP: Technical Scenarios and Management

Applies to: Partner

Expand your knowledge of core Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) technical capabilities so you are technically equipped to create managed services solutions to customers – owning the end-to-end customer relationship. Understand how the Partner Center portal acts as an entry point for CSP partners, providing rich customer management capabilities and automated processing. CSP partners can use Partner Center through a web-based UI or by using PowerShell and API calls. This technical webinar is geared towards CSP Direct Partners is organized in three different sessions, allowing you to pick and choose from any (or all) sessions that are applicable to your needs. By attending the sessions within this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Use Partner Center to manage customers and create Azure & Office 365 subscriptions, manage customers’ technical resources on their behalf
  • Use Partner Center PowerShell cmdlets to provide customer management, subscription management, and billing capabilities that are similar to those in the Partner Center web UI
  • Understand the ways to use Partner Center API to programmatically manage customer accounts, partner accounts, orders, subscriptions, support, and billing

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