SharePoint List View Threshold size for auditors and administrators doesn’t function as expected

Applies to: SharePoint Server 2016SharePoint Server 2013SharePoint Server 2010



Consider the following scenario:

  • You belong to a group that's a member of the local administrators group of the Microsoft SharePoint server.
  • You try to perform a database operation on a list or library that meets the following conditions:
    • The number of items exceeds the List View Threshold.
    • The number of items doesn’t exceed the List View Threshold size for auditors and administrators.

In this scenario, you receive the following error message:


This behavior is by design. Nested group members in the local administrators group aren’t identified as local administrators on the SharePoint Server. Therefore, your operation is subject to the List View Threshold.


To work around the issue, use custom code that sets the SPQuery::QueryThrottleMode property.

Here is an example:

SPQuery q1 = new SPQuery();
q1.QueryThrottleMode = SPQueryThrottleOption.Override;


More Information

Resource throttling is applied based on user role and permissions. The Auditor role is defined as a user who has Full Read permission to the web Application, and the Administrator role is defined as a user who has Full Control permission to the web application.

By default, QueryThrottleMode is set to 0. If the user is a local administrator on the SharePoint server, no throttling limits apply to the query.

When QueryThrottleMode is set to 1 (SPQueryThrottleOption.Override), if the user is a local administrator on the SharePoint server, no throttling limits apply to the query. If the web application security policy grants the user Full Read (Auditor) or Full Control (Administrator) permissions, the throttling limit for Auditors and Administrators applies to the number of items involved in the query, and no throttling limit applies to the number of Lookup, Person/Group, and Workflow Status fields.