Keep your commitments with Heads-up emails

Applies to: Cortana

What is the Heads-up email?

To help make sure nothing falls through the cracks, Cortana will send you a Heads-up email when it looks like there’s something that needs your attention.

Cortana will call out your most important to-dos and “said-you’d-dos” and consolidate them in one convenient place to help you get ready for the day ahead. In the future Cortana will become more assertive and will be able to call out important calendar insights and reminders.

Why don’t I get a Heads-up email every day?

Some days are busier than others, so, we decided there’s no reason to clutter your inbox on days when Cortana doesn’t have a lot to help you with.

Right now, Cortana can help by reminding you of commitments you made in email. As Cortana’s ability to understand what’s important to you grows she’ll become more valuable to you, even on days when you don’t have a lot scheduled. 

How does Cortana come up with the suggested reminders?

When you commit to doing something in an email, Cortana notices and helps you remember to follow through. If you added a deadline, she’ll use that info to make sure you get the reminder in time to make it happen. If you email your boss saying “I’ll send you that report by Friday” you will get a reminder from Cortana in your Heads-up email on Thursday, so you can meet that commitment.

Make sure you’ve enabled the feature by going to Cortana's Notebook  > Manage Skills > Calendar and then use the toggle to turn on Heads-up Email. 

Heads-up email showing one meeting and two commitments

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